Submersible Pump Stands

Winterizing a water supply pipe from a lake, river, and or other water body is one of the most rewarding investments a homeowner can make in their property. Heat-Line makes this investment possible by developing and manufacturing the most advanced heating cable and water pipe freeze protection systems available, implementing advanced self-regulating conductive core heating cables to provide unsurpassed energy efficiency.


The importance of an engineered and durable stand to prevent your submersible pump from drawing silt and sand from the bottom of a lake or river cannot be overlooked. More importantly, submersible pump stands must be mechanically constructed to provide the proper degree of horizontal/vertical positioning in order to prevent premature pump failures.

Heat-Line offers simple yet effective submersible pump stands to compliment your water supply system. As in the case of any Heat-Line product, the installation is fast and efficient, and is provided with easy to follow and precise installation instructions. Never before has winterizing and servicing your cottage or lake home water supply system been so easy. When using Heat-Line’s submersible pump stand, you will find peace of mind knowing that you have year-round running water.

The use of submersible pumps in lakes, rivers, and other water bodies is becoming increasingly common. A submersible or deep well pump provides greater capacity and pumping capability at greater distances and elevations than a common suction or jet pump. Installing a submersible pump in this type of application requires a specialized stand to keep the submersible pump partially vertical (at least 45 degrees), stabilized from motor torque, and above the water body bottom where sediment can be collected.

Heat-Line offers a submersible pump stand kit which provides vertical steadiness, stabilization, and mechanical protection for your pump, without jeopardizing performance. It is designed to suit many types of submersible pumps and may be adjusted in the field to suit various conditions or requirements. Heat-Line can also provide custom submersible pump stands to suit larger pumps at the request of our customers.

Part Number: PUMP-STAND

Description: Submersible Pump Stand Kit

Additional Materials Required:

  • ABS Cement
  • Premixed Concrete
  • Flexible conduit or Big-O
  • Rope and float (optional)

Q – What is the submersible pump stand constructed of?
A – Heat-Line’s submersible pump stand is constructed of standard certified plumbing ABS pipe.

Q – When using the submersible pump stand how do I connect and disconnect the submersible pump from the water supply pipe?
A – Heat-Line recommends and is pleased to offer an extensive range Philmac pipe fittings to connect your water supply pipe and your submersible pump. Commonly submersible pumps are provided with a female pipe thread, making a connection with a Philmac male threaded pipe adapter simple and reliable. One excellent feature of Philmac compression style fittings is that they can easily be connected and disconnect, allowing simple servicing and or replacement of your submersible pump.

Q – Should I remove the submersible pump stand in the winter months?
A – No. When installed correctly to compensate for lake and or river water level changes and depth of ice formation there is no need to remove the stand. Remember, Heat-Line specializes in advanced winter water system that operate year-round. Heat-Line’s goal is to have customers with 4 season water that requires little if no yearly maintenance.

Q – What do I need to install the submersible pump stand?
A – Beyond the submersible pump stand components provided by Heat-Line you will need additional materials which include ABS pipe cement, pail or bucket, pre-mix concrete, rope and float (optional), and flexible conduit or “Big-O” pipe. (Refer to install guide) You will also require pump/ adjustable pliers to complete the connection of the submersible pump to your pipe fitting (Philmac Male Adapter) and a 1/2″ wrench to complete the tightening of the anti-torque bolt.

Q – Where do I use the submersible pump stand product?
A – The submersible pump stand is designed to be used in lake, river, and or other water body applications where the installation of a submersible pump is required. Installing a submersible pump in this type of application requires a specialized stand to keep the submersible pump partially vertical (at least 45 degree), stabilized from motor torque, and above the water body bottom where sediment can be collected. Most commonly the submersible pump which is located within the pump stand is connected to the water supply pipe using a Philmac Male Adapter and electrical spliced to Heat-Line’s Teck-90 submersible pump wire.

Q – What other parts of my water system can Heat-Line provide?
A – Heat-Line is happy to provide the following products to help configure a complete year-round water supply system:

  • Freeze protection system for the water supply line: Retro-Line or CARAPACE
  • Water pipe: 1″ or 1 1/4″
  • Pipe Foam Insulation
  • Freeze Protection Thermostats and Controls
  • Submersible Pump, Kit and Stand
  • Teck-90 Armored cable for submersible pump, with quad break-out boot for underwater cables
  • MilliAmp 10mA GFCI certified wall mount safety protection for pump
  • Suction or Jet Pump and Kit
  • Pressure Tanks, both metallic and non-metallic
  • Tank T Kit including high-quality Pressure Gauge and Pressure Switch
  • High-quality Philmac O-ring Pipe Fittings and Accessories
  • Sumbersible Pump Stand and Wire Catalogue
  • Submersible Pump Stand for Lake Applications Installation Instructions
  • Submersible Pump Guidelines


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