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Heat-Line is pleased to provide their valued customers with Endot EndoPure HDPE Pipe, the highest quality high-density polyethylene water supply pipe available in North America. Manufactured of advanced PE4710 resin which yields a water supply pipe with a 100-year life expectancy in comparison to the industry acceptable 50 years, and provides a 25% greater pressure rating than a compatible water supply pipe manufactured of PE3408. EndoPure HDPE pipe is NSF-14 and 61 certified drinking water safe and is engineered to meet the AWWA C901-08 standards. EndoPure is not only the most unique and highest performing pipe in the industry, but Endot supports it with the best warranty in the industry.


EndoPure HDPE water supply pipe is the only pipe designed specifically for the water industry. Manufactured of advanced 100% virgin PE4710 resin, EndoPure is a unique high performance and premium pipe. EndoPure HDEP pipe offers quality, reliability and consistency like no other pipe product available in North America.

Heat-Line is now providing our valued customers with the opportunity to access a unique premium HDPE polyethylene water supply pipe rarely found in Canada for an exceptional price.

Heat-Line offers 1-inch SIDR 9 IPS EndoPure polyethylene pipe which has the following advantages:

  • EndoPure has a clear core of 100% virgin natural HDPE EndoPure is produced from a High-Performance HDPE known as PE 4710, the most advance and best quality polyethylene resin found in North America.
  •  EndoPure has a 25% greater pressure rating in comparison with other polyethylene piping manufactured from PE3408
  •  EndoPure when accidentally gouged or cut will show the clear core, a visual indication that significant damage has occurred, something that is hard to spot on solid coloured pipe.
  •  EndoPure is completely compatible with current fitting and connectors made for HDPE water pipe including Heat-Line’s wide range of Philmac fittings.
  •  EndoPure has continuous consecutive footage marks, permanently embossed every two feet to assist in measuring and installation.
  •  EndoPure is UV stabilized for storage of pipe above ground. When installed underground life expectancy is up to 100 years. Double that traditional poly pipe tubing.
  •  EndoPure is NSF Certified to NSF -14 & 61 and meets AWWA C901-08 standards
  •  EndoPure is backed by the strongest warranty in the industry.

If you feel you have a special or unique application for polyethylene water pipe please contact Heat-Line directly and speak with one of our knowledgeable product specialists.

Features & Benefits

  • The only HDPE pipe designed for the water industry
  •  Lead-free, chlorine-free and solvent-free
  •  Available from Heat-Line as SIDR-9, 1” (IPS) ID Controlled
  •  Certified PW NSF-14 & 61
  •  Meets AWWA C901-08 standards
  •  Manufactured of PE4710 resin
  •  Outer colour coding blue extrusion to meet international standard for water pipe
  •  Clear core of virgin natural HDPE that shows through when pipe is mechanical damaged
  •  PE4710 has a 25% higher pressure rating than common PE3608
  •  Continuous and consecutive footage marks every two feet
  • UV stabilized for protection from damaging UV rays
  •  Life expectancy of 100 years in comparison to industry standard of 50 years
  •  Print line/ pipe nomenclature permanently embossed
  •  EndoPure is compatible with Heat-Line range of Philmac 3G compression fittings
  •  Best warranty in the industry


ENDOT EndoPure meets the specifications of NSF-14 & 61, AWWA C901-08 plus the following standards:

      Material Standards

  • PE 4710
  •  ASTM D3350 – Cell Classification
  •  UV Stabilized Clear Center – 445576D
  •  UV Stabilized Blue Exterior – 445576E
  •  ASTM D1505 – Density .949 g/cc
  •  ASTM D1238 – Melt Index >0.08 g/10 min
  •  ASTM D638 – Tensile Strength >3600psi
  •  ASTM D638 – Elongation >740%
  •  ASTM D2837 – Hydrostatic Design Basis 1600psi @ 20ºC
  • ASTM D790 – Flexural Modulus 150,000psi
  •  ASTM D746 – Brittleness Temp. <-103°F ‘ ASTM D1693 – Slow Crack Growth Pent >25,000 hours

     Dimensional Standards

  • ASTM D2239 – SIDR – Iron Pipe Size (IPS), Controlled Inside Diameter

Heat-Line is pleased to offer Endot EndoPure HDPE to meet the growing needs of the plumbing industry.

Heat-Line part numbers below represent inventoried EndoPure HDPE, and therefore are readily available.

Part Number: POLYPIPE160-1-300

Description:  300 feet, 200 psi High-Density Polyethylene Pipe EndoPure-PE-4710-Blue, 1 in. ID.


Part Number: POLYPIPE160-1-400

Description:  400 feet, 200 psi High-Density Polyethylene Pipe EndoPure-PE-4710-Blue, 1 in. ID.


Part Number: POLYPIPE160-1-500

Description:  500 feet, 200 psi High-Density Polyethylene Pipe EndoPure-PE-4710-Blue, 1 in. ID


Q – What is HDPE?
A – HDPE is the abbreviation for High-Density Polyethylene.

Q – What is PE4710?
A – PE4710 is a high-performance grade of HDPE resin. PE4710 has a longer calculated service life, greater resistance to chemicals and a 25% higher pressure rating than comparable PE3408 products.

Q – What is SDR?
A – SDR is an abbreviation for Standard Dimension Ratio. This is ratio of the inside diameter (SIDR) or outside diameter (SODR) of the water pipe to the wall thickness of the water pipe. The smaller the SDR number the thicker the wall of the pipe or tubing. SODR refers to pipe or tubing that is OD controlled. SIDR refers to pipe or tubing that is ID controlled.

Q – What is the warranty on EndoPure HDPE?
A – Endot provides a Lifetime Warranty on NSF Certified EndoPure HDPE. See downloadable EndoPure Warranty document.

Q – Will EndoPure HDPE rust or corrode?
A – No. HDPE is almost chemically inert and does not rust or corrode. EndoPure HDPE pipe carries a Lifetime Warranty against rust, rot and corrosion.

Q – Does EndoPure HDPE get brittle when cold?
A – No. HDPE does get harder and stiffer when cold, but HDPE does not get brittle like some plastics.

  • EndoPure Brochure
  • EndoPure FactSheet
  • EndoPure Product List
  • EndoPure Warranty
  • EndoPure PE4710


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