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ArcticVent is the only certified solution to freeze protect plumbing vent stacks. Prolonged cold temperatures cause plumbing vent stacks to ice up and form a blockage as warm moist air rises, condenses and freezes. ArcticVent eliminates this ice blockage where it exits on the roof of a building, promoting healthier living conditions. ArcticVent can be used in new installations or to retro-fit existing non-protected (standard) 3 inch and larger vent stacks.


ArcticVent is available in two different models, electric and hydronic to suit various application requirements. ArcticVent is supplied factory finished, job-ready, making the installation simple, fast and cost-effective.

ArcticVent is installed in applications where ice blockages occur in plumbing vents due to accumulated condensation in prolonged freezing temperatures. Persistent cold temperatures cause plumbing vents to ice up and form a blockage as humid air rises, condenses and freezes. The result is pungent, unhealthy air backing up inside the building which can be dangerous to the inhabitants.

ArcticVent can be used in new installations or to retro-fit existing vent stacks where a freeze protected plumbing vent stack is required. The ArcticVent is designed to retro-fit standard 3-inch plumbing vent stacks and can retro-fit existing vents as large as 6 inches with the use of readily available plumbing adapters. Adapting the ArcticVent to existing vents could not be easier as the system is compatible with both ABS and PVC vent stack materials, and is provided with a two-part specialized epoxy to complement the joining of dissimilar plastics.

This remarkable, energy-efficient product uses small amounts of energy to keep vents open in temperatures less than -50 degrees F (-46C). While it is recommended to operate ArcticVent under continuous power in the colder months for freeze maintenance, it can be powered when required to thaw a frozen plumbing stack. The ArcticVent is constructed with a center longitudinal tether to ensure any ice formations within the vent stack melt fully and do not dislodge prior. For applications where hydronic heating is available Heat-Line manufacturers the ArcticVent product in a hydronic model by special order.

ArcticVent is constructed with LEXAN® for high strength in severe cold. The electric models employ the unique and advanced performance of self-regulating heating cable technology which can effectively increase heat and energy output to sections along its length which are cold and simultaneously reduce heat and energy output to sections which are warm. You never have to worry about the ArcticVent system overheating, causing risk of melting or fire. ArcticVent gives you the peace of mind knowing your vent stack is professional freeze protected without the danger of traditional heat tapes. It has become an essential product for homeowners, engineers and government housing authorities to provide safe and reliable freeze protection to plumbing vent stacks in extreme cold climates.

To further increase the energy efficiency of your ArcticVent unit a thermostat, timer and or other control devices can be added to the system. The ArcticVent unit is already internally insulated to reduce heat loss and increase energy efficiency. The addition of a thermostat would allow you to duty cycle your ArcticVent system based on ambient air temperature, while a timer would duty cycle the ArcticVent on and off based on desired pre-sets.

ArcticVent is a freeze-protected 36 inch (91.5cm) long plumbing vent stack designed to be installed on the upper portion of the vent stack where it exists on the roof and or wall of a building. Application examples include but are not limited to:

  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial/Industrial buildings
  • Modular homes and northern research laboratories
  • Temporary mining and exploration camps
  • Construction trailers

ArcticVent can be found providing plumbing vent freeze protection in the following climates:

  • High arctic housing communities in Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Alaska
  • Nunavut, Canada weather station
  • Alaska Housing Research Center
  • Various residential homes and commercial buildings across Canada
  • Northern United States including Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Vermont, Wisconsin and more.

If you feel you have a specialized or unique application for ArcticVent please contact Heat-Line directly and speak with one of our knowledgeable product development specialists.

Features & Benefits

  • cCSAus approved (Canada and USA) enclosure Type 3R
  • Patented product solution throughout North America
  • 5 year limited warranty, optional 10 year extended
  • Most reliable and energy-efficient system on the market
  • No need to oversize stack diameters
  • Control devices optional
  • ArcticVent can be adapted to existing PVC, ABS or other vent pipes
  • Constructed out of LEXAN® for high strength in severe cold
  • Easily and quickly installed
  • Longitudinal tether to prevent falling ice within stack
  • Meets plumbing, electrical and mechanical cCSAus requirements
  • No other product combines the features or offers the reliability of ArcticVent
  • Proven results throughout circumpolar regions


  • cCSAus approved (Canada and USA) LR85446
  • Enclosure Type 3R for outdoor use

Plumbing Specifications

  • 3-inch slip-fit coupling (2-part transition epoxy included)
  • 3 inches (internal diameter) freeze protected LEXAN® enclosure
  • 5 inch outside diameter
  • Suitable for all types of roofs (roof flashing not included)

Electrical Specifications

  • 120 volt or 240 volt, 75 watts at 50° F
  • Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) jacket
  • Heating cable self-regulating/conductive polymer (electric versions)
  • 120 Volt GFC models – 4 ft. (1.2 m) power supply lead with 27 milliamp ground fault circuit interrupter plug-in device
  • 240 Volt GFC models – 6 ft. (1.8 m) power supply lead with 27 milliamp ground fault circuit interrupter plug-in device
  • CS models – 6 ft. (1.8 m), 12- 14 AWG SJEOOW supply cord for direct hardwire connection, GFCI must be field installed
  • Up to 6 units per 15 amp dedicated circuit (120 volt and 240 volt)

ArcticVent is a custom order product however in most cases small quantities can be shipped out within 3 days from the time of order. Please call for current availability and lead times.

Included in an ArcticVent System:

  • 3 ft. job-ready to use vent
  • 120V GFC models: 4 ft. (1.2 m) power supply lead with 27 milliamp ground fault circuit interrupter plug-in device
  • 240V GFC models: 6 ft. (1.8 m) power supply lead with 27 milliamp ground fault circuit interrupter plug-in device
  • CS models: 6 ft. (1.8 m), 12 – 14 AWG SJEOOW supply cord for direct hardwire connection, GFCI must be field installed
  • Hydronic model available
  • 5 year limited warranty, optional 10 year warranty available
  • Clear, concise installation and support documentation


ArcticVent Accessories

TIMER-120P120V plug-in timer (GFC)
240V plug-in timer (GFC)
120/240V hardwire timer (CS)
120/240V GFCI/ELCI (CS)
ArcticVent roof flashing for asphalt
ArcticVent roof flashing for steel
Extended 10 year limited warranty

Electric ArcticVent Product Code Guide

ArcticVent Electric Product Code Guide

Hydronic ArcticVent Product Code Guide

ArcticVent Hydronic Product Code Guide


Q – Why is ArcticVent only available in a 3-inch diameter version and not larger?

A -Plumbing vent stacks are static vents. Large diameter plumbing vents have been installed for years in cold climates, in an ineffective effort to slow the freezing process. ArcticVent was designed as a high-performance product to prevent freezing while being extremely energy efficient. There is no longer the need for oversized plumbing vents as a 3-inch ArcticVent will not freeze and will provide excellent static ventilation.

Q – Is ArcticVent only used in the high Arctic climates?

A – No. ArcticVent was developed by request of the Nunavut Housing Corporation to solve a freezing problem in the Arctic territories; however, ArcticVent can be installed in many other regions to prevent plumbing vent blockages due to ice formation.

Q – Does the ArcticVent come with a thermostat?

A – A thermostat is not included with ArcticVent product as they are not required for proper and safe operation; however, a thermostat can be purchased as an additional accessory. Depending on system application, or where automatic operation is preferred, a thermostat can be used to switch the system on and off to help conserve power. A timer can also be used to duty cycle the ArcticVent system on and off in an effort to conserve power.

Q – Can I (the homeowner) install ArcticVent?

A – Heat-Line provides proper and easy to follow installation instructions with all of our products and offers market-leading technical support. As a result, most Heat-Line systems, including ArcticVent can be installed by homeowners; however, Heat-Line commonly recommends that a qualified tradesperson complete the installation process.

Q – Does the electronic version of ArcticVent shut off when not required?

A – No. ArcticVent is fabricated with Heat-Line’s advanced self-regulating heating cable technology. Self-regulating heating cable systems increase heat output with cold but more importantly, decrease heat output with warmth. As a result, Heat-Line brand products are very energy efficient to operate, but do not completely shut off as they can only idle their output to a minimum amount. To completely shut off the system it must be unplugged or installed with a thermostat, timer and or other control device. Heat-Line brand systems should be unplugged or shut off when not required (summer months) and tested each year before use.

Q – Does a 240 volt ArcticVent system use less power than a 120 volt system?

A – No – Energy efficiency has nothing to do with the designated voltage. We pay for the energy in watts, not in volts. Years ago, the term more efficient was attached to 240 volt systems because you can put more load or amperage on a 240 volt circuit. Unfortunately, the term more efficient somehow became misinterpreted to mean more energy efficient which is not the case.

Q – If the power fails, do I have to reset the ArcticVent power supply?

A – No. All Heat-Line products including the ArcticVent are designed to turn back on as soon as the power to the unit is supplied. Once re-energized the ArcticVent system has the ability to increase its output to immediately begin to defrost any section of the vent that has or was close to freezing during the power outage.

Q – How much power does an ArcticVent system consume?

A – All Heat-Line brand systems including ArcticVent employ Heat-Line’s advanced self-regulating heating cable technology which operates to deliver energy and heat output to areas of the vent that are cold and reduces energy and heat output to areas which are warm. While the overall amount of energy consumed depends on multiple factors you can be assured that you are installing the most energy-efficient heating cable system available. If you would like to reduce your energy consumption further you can investigate the addition of a thermostat, timer, and or other control device.

Q – What is the indication light on the GFCI located in the electrical lead of the GFC ArcticVent models for?

A – The indication light located on the GFCI device included with all GFC model ArcticVent systems verifies that power is provided to the GFCI device and that the GFCI is allowing power to pass through to the heating cable device.

Q – Where do I purchase the ArcticVent system?

A – The ArcticVent system manufactured by Heat-Line is available directly through Heat-Line and or any of our Heat-Line product distributors across North America. For a list of Heat-Line product distributors in Canada and the United States please contact Heat-Line directly on our toll-free number at 800-584-4944.

Q – Does the ArcticVent replace the current vent stack where it exits the roof line?

A – Yes. The ArcticVent system is designed to interface with the existing vent stack beneath the roofline. As a result, the existing vent stack is generally accessed within the available attic space and a section within the attic space and the remaining upper portion protruding through the roofline is removed and replaced by the ArcticVent.

Q – I currently have a 3-inch plumbing vent stack, will the ArcticVent pass through the existing exit point in the roof?

A – Although the ArcticVent system is designed to retro-fit 3-inch existing plumbing vent stacks it has a wider outside diameter than a standard 3-inch vent stack. As a result, during the installation of the ArcticVent the exit point in the roof often has to be enlarged to approximately 5 ¼ inch (13.5cm).

  • ArcticVent Brochure
  • ArcticVent Catalogue
  • ArcticVent Manual for Electric Units
  • ArcticVent Manual for Hydronic Units
  • Cord-Set (CS) vs Ground-Fault (GFC) Power Supply Options


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