Tandem-Link systems are inter-connecting advanced, self-regulating trace heating systems that are used for efficient and reliable external pipe freeze protection. Tandem-Link pipe warmer systems are factory finished, job-ready and plug directly into one another, allowing on-site length flexibility without the requirement of an electrician for field splicing and terminating. Tandem-Link is suitable for the installation on the outside of both metallic and non-metallic pipes of many diameters. The Tandem-Link product is suitable for use in many different applications including cold weather construction requiring permanent or temporary water or fluid pipe heating.


Tandem-Link units are watertight job-ready heating cable systems that plug directly into one another, allowing on-site length flexibility. Provided with male and female watertight connections and electrically certified for wet locations.

The Tandem-Link heat trace cable system is supplied pre-assembled and job-ready with quality, durable, wet location NEMA certified male and female plug ends. Tandem-Link is a safe and reliable solution for all metallic and non-metallic pipe types and materials of many sizes. This includes but is not limited to copper, PEX, polyethylene, ABS, PVC, galvanized, stainless, ductile iron, rubber, vinyl and more. Even in applications where pipes are intended to be dry for short or extended periods of time, Tandem-Link will never over-heat or melt the pipe due to its advanced self-regulating trace heating technology.

Tandem-Link is cCSAus certified to meet and or exceed North American standards and is the only known heating cable solution which can be interconnected allowing on-site length flexibility without the need of field splicing and termination by a qualified professional. Tandem-Link allows for quick, easy and safe pipe freeze protection in a variety of applications like never before.

Tandem-Link systems are suitable for many applications including cold weather construction requiring permanent or temporary water or fluid pipe heating. If used in a temporary application, the Tandem-Link system can be simply unplugged, rolled up and stored until it is required again for the next project.

Tandem-Link employs the unique and advanced performance of self-regulating heat trace cable. Constructed of self-regulating heat cable technology the Tandem-Link system can effectively increase heat and energy output to points microscopically along its length which are cold and simultaneously reduce heat and energy output to points which are warm. You never have to worry about the Tandem-Link heating cable overheating causing risk of melting and fire because of the self-regulating trace heating technology. Tandem-Link gives you the peace of mind knowing that you have reliable freeze protection without the risk of traditional constant wattage heat tapes. Tandem-Link has become an essential product for mining camps and construction companies.

To further increase the energy efficiency of your Tandem-Link heating cable system, it is recommended to add thermal insulation and a thermostat. The additional thermal insulation works to reduce heat loss, and the thermostat allows you to duty cycle your Tandem-Link system based on external pipe temperature. When insulation and a thermostat is combined you can increase energy efficiency by as much as 80%.

Tandem-Link is an external heat tracing system designed to provide permanent or temporary reliable freeze protection of metallic and non-metallic pipes. Examples include but not limited to;

  • Existing water supply lines subject to freezing
  • Small diameter water supply lines
  • Large diameter pipes and hoses
  • All metallic and non-metallic pipes
  • Sewage, septic and effluent pipes

Tandem-Link is a very versatile product, and as such it can be utilized in many specialized applications. If you feel you have a special or unique application for Tandem-Link please contact Heat-Line directly and speak with one of our knowledgeable product specialists.


  • Can use up to 3 units to adjust length as required
  •  Can be installed on all metallic and non-metallic pipes, tanks and vessels
  •  Provides reliable freeze protection of all pipe diameters (when properly measured and installed)
  •  Easily and quickly installed on most pipes without their removal
  •  Can be fully insulated to increase energy efficiency
  •  Can be used with a variety of control devices including timers and thermostats
  •  Available in 5ft. (1.5m) increments to a maximum length of 410ft. (125m)


  • cCSAus approved (Canada and USA)
  •  Manufactured in North America
  •  Certified for wet locations
  •  5 year limited warranty
  •  Supplied with male and female watertight Leviton Wetguard connectors NEMA Type 4, 4X, 6, 6P
  •  Will never melt or burn through the water pipe, even if the pipe is dry
  •  Most reliable and energy-efficient system on the market
  •  No other product combines the features and offers the flexibility of Tandem-Link by Heat-Line


  • cCSAus approved (Canada and USA) LR85446
  • Freeze Protection Designation Usage W Canada
  • Freeze Protection Designation Installation Type A USA
  • Wetguard male and female plug ends certified for wet location NEMA Type 4, 4X, 6, 6P

Electrical Specifications

  • Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) jacket heating cable
  •  Self-regulating/conductive polymer heating cable
  •  120V systems – 5W/ft. (15w/m) at 50°F (10C) maximum connected length of 205 ft. (62m)
  •  240V systems – 5W/ft. (15w/m) at 50°F (10C) maximum connected length 410 ft. (125m)
  •  Maximum of 3 connected cables
  •  120V GFC models: 4 ft. (1.2m) power supply lead with 27 milliamp GFCI plug-in device
  •  240V GFC models: 6 ft. (1.8m) power supply lead with 27 milliamp GFCI plug-in device
  •  CS models: 2 ft (0.6 m), 14 AWG SJEOOW lead with Leviton male wetguard connector
  •  All models on opposite end: 2 ft (0.6 m), 14 AWG SJEOOW with Leviton female wetguard connector
  •  GFCI circuit protection is required to be applied on-site as per the Canadian and US electrical codes

Other Specifications

  • External Pipe Freeze Protection
  •  Applicable for multiple pipe diameters and both non-metallic and metallic piping
  •  Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) jacket heating cable
  •  Nominal heating cable thickness 0.25 in. (6.4mm) / width 0.425 in.(10.8mm)
  •  Suitable for exposure temperatures up to 150F (65C)
  •  Manufactured in North America

Measuring Recommendations for Tandem-Link

Always measure prior to ordering, do not assume or estimate the length required.

-The Tandem-Link is an advanced external, inter-connecting, self-regulating heating cable system factory finished and supplied job-ready to a pre-determined length provided at the time of order. With its interconnecting capability, it allows for on-site length customization.

-Tandem-Link systems are priced and manufactured in standard lengths of 10 ft. (3m) increments up to 205 ft. (62m) in 120 volt, and in 10 ft. (3m) increments from 10 ft. to 410 ft. (3m – 125m) in 240 volt.

Important Notes:

-Maximum 3 systems interconnecting and/or to maximum total length rating as per voltage used.

-Determining the length of Tandem-Link that you need to fit application is very simple as the Tandem-Link system is designed to run straight along the pipe in most applications depending on pipe diameter and insulation thickness. When in doubt, order longer than expected.

-To freeze protect small diameter pipes of 2 in. (51mm) inside diameter (ID) or less a single trace of heater is often enough; however, in extreme cold application more insulation and or passes of heater may be required. Increasing your thickness of insulation can also minimize the required amount of Tandem-Link heating cable and vastly increases your energy efficiency.

-For pipe diameters greater than 2 in. (51mm) in diameter a minimum of 2 traces of heating cable is recommended and a consultation with a Heat-Line application specialist is suggested to ensure proper performance.

-If you have any specific questions regarding the required lengths of Tandem-Link for your parameters please call Heat-Line directly and speak with one of our Heat-Line application specialists. Have the following information available if possible:

  •  Pipe Type (Metallic/ Non-metallic)
  •  Pipe Diameter
  •  Pipe Length
  •  Minimum Ambient Temperature
  •  Number of valves and or spigots located along the pipe
  •  Thickness of Insulation (Heat-Line offers a variety of insulation to meet application requirements)

Tandem-Link is a custom order product however in most cases it can be shipped out within 3 days from the time of order. Please call for current availability and lead times.


Included in a Tandem-Link System:

  • Factory finished, self-regulating heating cable of pre-determined length
  • 120V GFC models: 4 ft. (1.2 m) power supply lead with 27 milliamp ground fault interrupter plug-in device
  • 240V GFC models: 6 ft. (1.8 m) power supply lead with 27 milliamp ground fault interrupter plug-in device
  • CS Models: 2 ft (0.6 m) 14 AWG SJEOOW supply cord with Leviton male Wetguard connector
  • All models: 2 ft (0.6 m) 14 AWG SJEOOW supply cord with Leviton female Wetguard connector on the opposite end
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Clear, concise installation and support documentation


Tandem-Link Accessories

HLA-120120V plug-in thermostat (GFC)
120/240V hardwire thermostat with GFCI (CS)
TIMER-120P120V plug-in timer (GFC)
TIMER-240P240V plug-in timer (GFC)
120/240V hardwire timer (CS)
MA-10120/240V GFCI/ELCI (CS)
INSUL-1.00Insulation sleeve for 1 inch ID pipe (1 5/8 inch ID, 6 ft long)
INSUL-1.25Insulation sleeve for 1 1/4 inch ID pipe (1 7/8 inch ID, 6 ft long)
INSUL-2.00Insulation sleeve for 2 inch ID pipe (2 5/8 inch ID, 6 ft long)
INSUL-3.00Insulation sleeve for 3 inch ID pipe (3 1/2 inch ID, 6 ft long)
INSUL-4.00Insulation sleeve for 4 inch ID pipe (4 1/2 inch ID, 6 ft long)
HLP-TAPETape for insulation sleeves (100 ft)
INSUL-FOILAluminum bubble foil insulation (16 in wide, sold by the foot)
INSUL-TAPEAll weather Aluminum foil tape (150 ft)
PLD-CGCable guards/protectors (pkg of 4, 6 in each)


Tandem-Link Product Code Guide

Tandem-Line Product Code Guide


Q – What is the difference between Tandem-Link and Paladin?
A – There is no operational difference between the Tandem-Link and Paladin heating cable. The Tandem-Link system is inter-connectable with a male plug on one end of the heating cable and a female plug on the opposite end. The Paladin system is complete with a male plug on one end, and an end seal termination boot on the opposite end.

Q – Is Tandem-Link safe to use on plastic pipes?
A – Yes. The Tandem-Link system is approved for use on all metallic and non-metallic pipe applications. The advanced self-regulating technology employed in the Tandem-Link product renders it safe on plastic pipes even when dry as it can never overheat and damage the pipes.

Q – Can Tandem-Link be buried?
A – Yes. The Tandem-Link heating cable can be buried; however, the plug ends should remain above the ground.

Q – Do I have to spiral the Tandem-Link system around the pipe or just run straight along the side of the pipe?
A – Since Tandem-Link has extraordinary heat transfer properties it can be simply run straight along the pipe without the need to pitch or spiral the heater on pipe diameters of 2″ or less. For larger pipe diameters multiple passes or spiraling of the heating cable may be required.

Q – Does the Tandem-Link come with a thermostat?
A – No. A thermostat is not included with the Tandem-Link product as they are not required for proper and safe operation; however, a thermostat can be purchased as an additional accessory. Depending on system applications, or where automatic operation is preferred, a thermostat can be used to switch the system on and off to help conserve power or to duty cycle the system. When combined with insulation thermostats can substantially increase energy efficiency.

Q – What do I do if I have extra Tandem-Link heating cable?
A – If you have extra heater you can loop the excess back up the pipe or concentrate more heating cable in more exposed sections of the pipe. If needed it is safe for the heating cable to overlap as it is self-regulating and will not overheat.

Q – Does the unit shut off when not required?
A – No. Tandem-Link self-regulating heating cable systems increase heat output with cold but more importantly, decrease heat output with warmth. As a result, Heat-Line brand products are very energy efficient to operate, but do not completely shut off as they can only idle their output to a minimum amount. To completely shut off the system it must be unplugged or installed with a thermostat. Heat-Line brand systems should be unplugged or shut off when not required (summer months) and tested each year before use.

Q – Does a 240-volt system use less power than a 120-volt system?
A – No – Energy efficiency has nothing to do with the designated voltage. We pay for the energy in watts, not in volts. Years ago, the term more efficient was attached to 240 volt systems because you can put more load or amperage on a 240 volt circuit. Unfortunately, the term more efficient somehow became misinterpreted to mean more energy efficient which is not the case.

Q – How much power does a Tandem-Link unit consume?
A- All Heat-Line brand systems including Tandem-Link employ Heat-Line’s advanced self-regulating heating cable technology which operates to deliver energy and heat output to areas of the pipe that are cold and reduces energy and heat output to areas which are warm. While the overall amount of energy consumed depends on multiple factors you can be assured that you are installing the most energy-efficient heating cable system available. If you would like to reduce your energy consumption further you can investigate the addition of a thermostat, timer, and or other control device.

Q – Is there a maximum length of Tandem-Link heating cable systems?
A – Yes. The maximum circuit length of Tandem-Link that is allowed is as follows:
Maximum length on a 120V circuit is 205ft. (62m) AND/OR 3 connected cables
Maximum length on a 240V circuit is 410 ft. (125m) AND/OR 3 connected cables

Q – What type of insulation should I use with the Tandem-Link system?
A – Heat-Line recommends to use insulation that is best suited to the environment in which it is going to be installed. A common type of insulation employed with Tandem-Link heating cables is fire resistance waterproof pipe foam insulation sleeves. You are also able to implement fiberglass insulation provided it is properly weatherproofed based on the environment.

Q – Where do I purchase a Tandem-Link heating cable system?
A – The Tandem-Link heating cable system manufactured by Heat-Line is available directly through Heat-Line and or any of our Heat-Line product distributors. For a list of Heat-Line product distributors in Canada and the United States please contact Heat-Line directly on our toll-free number at 800-584-4944.

Q – Do I have to use insulation with the Tandem-Link system?
A – Insulation is highly recommended when using the Tandem-Link system, especially if the installation is above ground in ambient outdoor air. Insulation helps reduce the overall heat loss and therefore reduces the amount of energy the Tandem-Link heating cable must consume. It also helps keep the heating cable in consistent contact with the pipe.

  • Tandem-Link Catalogue
  • Tandem-Link Manual
  • Tandem-Link System Specifications


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