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EDGE-CUTTER channel flashings are an innovative, aesthetically pleasing roof de-icing system. Used in tandem with Heat-Line Paladin for Roof or Cut-To-Length heating cables, EDGE-CUTTER eliminates serpentine heating cable configurations, while providing energy-efficient and reliable freeze protection. Each 4-foot aluminum flashing is feathered to slide under roof material leaving a channel exposed to accommodate the Heat-Line self-regulating heating cable. With the heating cable installed, the flashing acts as a heat conductive plate keeping snow and ice from forming on roof edges and in valleys.


EDGE-CUTTER channel flashings are designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing roof de-icing system, eliminating unappealing and costly traditional serpentine heating cable configurations. EDGE-CUTTER is used to efficiently, and effectively prevent ice build-up, icicles, or ice dams on the roof.

Each 4-foot (1.2m) aluminum flashing is feathered to slide under roof material leaving a small channel exposed to accommodate the self-regulating heating cable. The flashing is installed under the leading roof edge using screws, nails, or appropriate adhesives. EDGE-CUTTER can be used with various roof covering materials such as asphalt shingles, aluminum, steel and even slate. The EDGE-CUTTER flashing can be used on low-pitched roofs, fascia, valleys, and drip edges. Flat and angled EDGE-CUTTER channel flashings are available to suit different application requirements. The Flat model performs best in valley applications where the Angled model provides a built-in drip edge for roof edge lines.

After the EDGE-CUTTER flashing is installed on the roof, the Paladin heating cable system or Heat-Line Cut-to-Length self-regulating heating cable is then installed within the channel and a cap secures it in place. As the heating cable warms, energy is transferred through the feathered aluminum to melt the leading edge of ice or snow.


If a metal roof is present, the EDGE-CUTTER channel flashing should be ordered with a 6-mil urethane membrane factory installed directly onto the flashing to prevent galvanic oxidation between dissimilar metals.

In areas where EDGE-CUTTER channel flashings are not desired, the Paladin heating cable can simply be mounted with Heat-Line roof clips on the roof surface in the conventional serpentine configuration.

EDGE-CUTTER is a roof de-icing system designed to provide reliable freeze protection to many different applications. Examples include but not limited to;

  •  Residential buildings and homes
  •  Farm, agricultural
  •  Commercial buildings
  •  Industrial buildings
  •  Camps, mining

EDGE-CUTTER is suitable for many different roofing materials. Examples include but not limited to:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Aluminum
  • Steel (order with membrane)
  • Slate

EDGE-CUTTER can be installed in many different areas of the roof. Examples include but not limited to:

  •  Low-pitched roofs
  •  Roof edge
  •  Higher up roof
  •  Around dormers
  •  Fascia
  •  Valleys
  •  Drip edges

As EDGE-CUTTER is a high quality, unique product, it is installed in a different fashion then compared to traditional roof de-icing systems. With EDGE-CUTTER the total required heating cable length is substantially reduced. The heating cable is simply placed in the EDGE-CUTTER channel in a single run; reducing the overall length required which in turn reduces the overall operating costs.

When the heating cable system is combined with control options, the energy consumption of the heating cable is reduced; thereby generating greater energy savings. Control options can include thermostats, timers, snow sensors and more.

If you feel you have a special or unique application for EDGE-CUTTER please contact Heat-Line directly and speak with one of our knowledgeable product specialists.

Features & Benefits

  • 4-foot (1.2m) feathered aluminum flashing complete with cap
  •  Flat and Angled flashing available to suit various application requirements
  •  Provides a mechanically protected channel for heating cable
  •  Vastly reduces the total amount of heating cable required by as much as 75%
  •  Fast, easy installation
  •  Can be cut for customization on the job-site
  •  Can be used under metal, asphalt and slate roof
  •  For new or existing roofs
  •  Aesthetically pleasing
  •  Many different uses
  •  Can be used with Paladin heating cable systems
  •  Can be used with Heat-Line cut-to-length heating cables*
  •  Membrane available for metal roofs
  •  Thermostats and other control devices are optional
  •  Will not allow the heating cable to melt or overheat
  •  Energy-efficient when compared with traditional roof de-icing systems
  •  Compatible with hydronic heated fluid melting systems
  •  Proven in extreme cold climates
  •  Fast installation with screws, nails and/or appropriate adhesives

* Approved roof and gutter powered connection kits required.

EDGE-CUTTER often requires a product consultation to ensure correct planning and installation. Heat-Line provides technical support for these situations.


  • 4-foot (1.2m) of Aluminum EDGE-CUTTER flashing with cap
  •  5 ½ inch (14cm) width to be installed under roofing material
  •  Exposed cap width 3/4 inch (1.9 cm), can be painted to match roof covering
  •  Suitable for use with all Heat-Line self-regulating heating cables
  •  Manufactured in North America
  •  6 mil urethane membrane factory installed available upon request for steel roof applications

Measuring Recommendations for EDGE-CUTTER

Determining the amount of EDGE-CUTTER required is very simple as the EDGE-CUTTER system is designed to run straight along the roof. In order to begin to determine the amount of EDGE-CUTTER that you require you will need to collect the following information:

  • Total length of leading roof edge
  • Number and length/height of any valleys
  • Measurement around any dormers if required
  • Number and length of gutters
  • Number and length of downspouts
  • Number and length of underground drains from downspouts
  • *For extreme low-pitch or problem areas, you may wish to double the length of roof length

Below are diagrams designed as guidelines to help determine the number of EDGE-CUTTER flashings required.  Once you have collected the required information from above you can use the diagrams below for direction.

For added or further assistance please contact Heat-Line directly and one of our application specialists would be pleased to help provide product requirements.

EDGE-CUTTER is a stocked item however please call for current availability.


Included with EDGE-CUTTER:

  • 4 ft. (1.2m) aluminum EDGE-CUTTER flashing
  • 4 ft. (1.2m) aluminum EDGE-CUTTER cap
  • Clear, concise installation and support documentation


Additional Accessories

EC-MEMMembrane EDGE-CUTTER (metal roofs)
PLDIPaladin heating cable system to specific length
CUT-TO-LENGTHCut-to-Length heating cable


EDGE-CUTTER Product Code Guide

EDGE-CUTTER Product Code Guide


Q – Are serpentine or saw-tooth heating cable configurations necessary for roof de-icing?
A – No. Heat-Line developed EDGE-CUTTER as a clean and visually appealing, long-lasting roof de-icing system.

Q – Can you use EDGE-CUTTER on a metal roof?
A – Yes. EDGE-CUTTER channel flashing can be used on a metal roof. Heat-Line recommends the flashings be ordered with a 6-mil urethane membrane which would be factory installed directly onto the flashing to prevent galvanic oxidation and corrosion between dissimilar metals.

Q – Is the EDGE-CUTTER only used for the leading roof edge or can I use it up on my roof or in the valleys?
A – Yes. EDGE-CUTTER can be installed in valleys that require protection. Heat-Line offers flat and angled EDGE-CUTTER channel flashings to suit different application requirements and commonly recommends the flat model for valley applications.

Q – Are the aluminum EDGE-CUTTER caps available in different colours to blend in with the roof?
A – No. The EDGE-CUTTER caps and flashings can be painted to match the exact colour of roofing materials if desired.

Q – Can I (the homeowner) install EDGE-CUTTER?
A – Yes. Heat-Line provides proper and easy to follow installation instructions with all of our products, and offers market-leading technical support. As a result, most Heat-Line systems, including EDGE-CUTTER can be installed by homeowners; however, Heat-Line commonly recommends that a qualified tradesperson complete the installation process.

Q – Can I use constant wattage/hardware store heat tapes with EDGE-CUTTER?
A – No. Only self-regulating heating cables approved for roof applications be used with the EDGE-CUTTER system. It is not designed for constant wattage heating cables.

  • Edge-Cutter Brochure
  • Edge-Cutter Catalogue
  • Edge-Cutter Manual

4 reviews for EDGE-CUTTER ®

  1. Bob

    I am a 71 year old retiree living in North Central Idaho. I have a metal roof that angles into my driveway. No gutter as there is no outlet. We get a fair amount of snow with melting and freezing. I was continually fighting ice dams on the edge of my roof that were 2-6 inches thick. I was up on a ladder trying to remove these dams. I would also get many icicles that would fall and drip onto the edge of my driveway and create a very slippery situation that would require constant attention. I installed the edge cutter and Paladin system in the summer of 2022. It has performed magnificently. Zero ice dams. no icicles and no ice build up on the driveway. This is without a doubt the best purchase I have made in quite awhile. The staff was extremely helpful in getting the product and getting it installed. A big shout out to Shontel. No slips and falls so far in 2023-24. Thank you very much.

  2. Staffan

    Installation of the Edge Cutter and Paladin wire was reasonably easy, product looks great, and I really like its energy efficiency. I realized after installation, I should have added anti snow sliding brackets (butterfly wings) to the roof as we get much snow in the mountains.

  3. Randy

    Highly recommend Heat-Line they provide a quality product and very knowledgeable staff who easy to reach and answer all my questions.

  4. David

    Thanks to Heat-Line Freeze Protection Systems , No More Ice Dams this winter 😉 Heat-Line Freeze Protection Systems has the products and the engineering to get rid of ice dams, even in Saskatchewan! Installed 6 zones using Heat -Liine’s EDGE-CUTTER ® Systems. Heat-Line was there for us every step of the way with answers to our problems with ice dams. Heat-Line’s techs always had answers for our problems, and never did Heat-Line’s techs not come up with souloutins for our project. Kiudos to the team at Heat-Line, and their products 😉

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