Complete Systems for Pipe and Roof

Heat-Line specializes in providing heating cable systems for in pipes or on pipes and for roofs and gutters. Unlike outdated heat tape, Heat-Line systems will never overheat, are long-lasting, easy to install and are extremely energy efficient. Every system is supplied with all necessary plumbing parts, a GFCI or cord set power lead and factory terminated Heat-Line self-regulating heating cable.

Pier F
Pier F
I am a new cottage owner and I had an issue with my heat-line going to the lake. I initially contacted the Heat-Line chat-line, and through subsequent phone and email communication, staff quickly assessed my issue and provided me with a solution within an hour. The customer service was outstanding!
Elizabeth Telega
Elizabeth Telega
I would highly recommend both the product and the company. Heatline took the time and effort to help me understand how to use the product and correct the issue I was having. It has been 2 years since it was installed and it is working exactly as described - I am very happy to say that I have had no issues of any sort and the problem I was having has been resolved. Also, that it was easy to install. Thank you again for designing such a great product and for your great service. I would recommend it highly to anyone having issues with freezing issues in their roof drains. Update: I recently damaged the wire (my own carelessness). I called the company to see what could be done to correct the issue. I was able to talk to someone quickly who offered me a few options. Both of which were more than fair and very helpful. I really appreciate how they handled the issue.
Muskoka Wide Plumbing Inc.
Muskoka Wide Plumbing Inc.
I give heat-line 5 stars. I have worked in the Muskoka area since I was 13 years old now in the trade for 17 years. I have seen a few similar products they just simply don’t last whether it’s heat shrink failing or just simply not regulating power properly then burning out and costing thousands in repairs. Spend the extra money and buy heat-line at the start and save in the end. I have learned from experience first hand. I highly recommend Heat-Line Freeze Protection Systems Best Regards, Muskoka Wide Plumbing Inc. Keith Fortney, Owner\Operator
James Scarrow
James Scarrow
I've used heatline products now for 20 years and they are one of the best experiences possible of product quality and superior customer service. It's such a pleasure dealing with Heatline Protection Systems, they have in-depth knowledge of their products and the situations under which these products are used, and support their product beyond the warranty period. I'd give them 10 stars if there were that many to give.
brad nead
brad nead
Just had to take the time to say how pleased I am with my service. The response, the attention and courtesy was very satisfying. The whole transaction, from start to finish made me realize I was an appreciated customer. When heated waterlines are needed, Look no further. Thanks Heat-Line.
Larry Huddle
Larry Huddle
Heat-line products are top quality items, though they be more expensive than other heat trace tapes your money is better spent with these folks. The customer service is excellent from pairing you with the product you need to the super fast shipping they provide. Special shout out to Shontel and Amy for excellent service in my order. Larry
Michael Davies
Michael Davies
Highly recommended! Exceptional product knowledge and service. I had an urgent need to replace a frozen water line in January (-20 deg C). Heat-Line was able to package together everything I needed within 24 hours (water line, heat-line, pump, wiring, insulation, etc.). Installing the new system was a breeze and we had our water system back in operation after a few (cold) hours of laying out the pipe and installing the pump. Background: We had previously obtained an in-pipe heat trace system from another company - it failed within 2yrs of installation. Sure, that system cost a bit less than the Heat-Line system - but not when you take into account the cost and effort involved in having to throw it away and completely replace it (in the middle of winter). In my opinion, there's no comparison between the Heat-Line system and what we had before.

Leading the way in freeze protection

Advanced Heating Cable Systems

Heat-Line is an award-winning company that specializes in developing and manufacturing the highest quality and most energy-efficient self-regulating heating cable systems in the world. Heat-Line systems are safe to operate, long lasting, reliable under the most severe winter conditions and significantly more energy efficient than standard hardware store heat tape. Heat-Line systems remove the worry of outdated and unreliable heat tape. Enjoy peace of mind while you experience running water year-round.

Self-Regulating Heating Cable On Dry Pipe In Trench


Residential & Commercial Markets

Heat-Line provides self-regulating heating cable systems that resolve both typical and less common freeze protection challenges associated with pipes and roofs in residential and commercial markets. Heat-Line products are innovative solutions for water lines, sewer lines, drain lines, roofs and gutters, recreation and service vehicles, livestock waterers, off-grid (solar/wind), industrial equipment and more. Exceptional heating cable solutions trusted by homeowners, tradespersons, engineers, business owners and municipalities for over 35 years.


Freeze protection solutions for

Residential & Commercial Markets

Heat-Line provides heat trace systems, heat traced pipes, heat trace wire and pipe frost protection kits that resolve both typical and less common freeze protection challenges associated with pipes and roofs in residential and commercial markets. Heat-Line products are innovative solutions for water lines, sewer lines, drain lines, roofs and gutters, recreation and service vehicles, livestock waterers, off-grid (solar/wind), industrial equipment and more. Exceptional heat trace cable, heat trace systems and heating tracing solutions trusted by homeowners, tradespersons, engineers, business owners, site managers and municipalities for over 30 years.

Retro-Line heating cable feeding into water supply pipe


Our Mission To You

To effectively prepare for colder climates, it is crucial to have high performance heating cable systems that you can rely on during freezing temperatures. Developed by industry experts and backed by award-winning customer service, our heating cable products ensure safe, long lasting and efficient operation. Heat-Line takes pride in manufacturing only the most exceptional heating cable systems, and our commitment to market-leading quality control sets us apart in the field of pipe and roof freeze protection.


About Heat-Line

Heat-Line is a Canadian-owned and operated company that since 1988 has dedicated its resources to the development of advanced heating cable systems. Founded by a master commercial/industrial electrician, Heat-Line engineered an innovative in-pipe heating cable system and is committed to providing many other self-regulating heating cable systems that are specifically developed for each freeze protection application.


Winter Peace of Mind

Retro-Line in-pipe heating cable system safeguards a water line from the lake in challenging winter conditions without the need to excavate. Heat-Line customers share their personal journey and the challenges they faced before discovering the innovative Retro-Line in-pipe system. Discover firsthand the peace of mind the cabin owners now enjoy, knowing that their water line from the lake is protected from freezing temperatures with the most reliable heating cable system on the market.


Self-Regulating Heating Cables

The benefit of self-regulating heating cable technology is that it increases heat output with cold and conversely decreases heat output with warmth. Self-regulating technology allows the addition of insulation as it will never over-heat, even when the pipe is dry. Not all heating cables are created equal. Heat-Line self-regulating technology offers superior performance in demanding temperatures, uses less energy and are North American made and supported. Heat-Line are pioneers in true high-performance self-regulating heating cables, trusted by homeowners and contractors alike for over 35 years.


Frequently Asked Questions

When searching for electrical heat tracing products it is crucial to conduct thorough research to ensure you acquire the most advanced pipe frost protection kits. As the foremost manufacturer and developer in the heat trace line industry, Heat-Line offers solutions for every freeze protection challenge. Explore our comprehensive collection of answers to frequently asked questions regarding trace heating and pipe frost protection kits. For more answers to frequently asked questions, visit our FAQ page.

Can electric heat tracing for pipes be installed on all types of pipes?

Heat-Line electric heat tracing for pipes can be installed on most types and materials of pipes, thanks to Heat-Line self-regulating heat tracing technology. This self-regulating feature of electric heat tracing for pipes is what makes it safe for both metal and non-metal pipes. Traditional constant wattage heat traced pipe maintains a single level of heat output regardless of temperature, a Heat-Line self-regulating heat traced pipe automatically adjusts heat based on the surrounding conditions. For metal pipes, this means that the trace heater cable won't overheat or cause damage due to excessive heat. Similarly, for non-metal pipes like plastic or composite materials, the self-regulating heat trace line prevents the risk of melting or deformation in applications such as trace heating for water pipes and drains.

What is a heat trace water line?

Heat-Line provides pipe frost protection kits for many different applications such as a heat trace water line. A heat trace water line typically refers to a system designed to provide trace heating for water pipes by applying heat trace wire to a water supply pipe. Retro-Line is an innovative in-pipe heat trace water line developed by Heat-Line which makes installation easy while providing long lasting, reliable freeze protection. It consists of a self-regulating heat trace wire that installs inside the water pipe as well as all necessary plumbing fittings and a plug-in power lead. The self-regulating heat trace wire and exclusive end seal ensure dependable freeze protection in the most demanding temperatures. A further advantage of the Retro-Line heat trace system is that it does not need the downward end of the trace heater cable secured in the pipe. Installing the heat trace system inside the pipe, and not requiring access to the downward end, saves property owners from costly excavation.

How much does Heat-Line cost?

The cost of a Heat-Line system depends on various factors, such as the length of Heat-Line self-regulating cable heat trace, power lead options and necessary fittings for the heat traced pipe. In-pipe systems involve the heat cable being installed inside the pipe, which may require different specifications and fittings compared to on-pipe systems where the heat cable is applied to the exterior surface of the pipe. Additionally, Heat-Line offers heating cable systems for roofs and gutters, and the cost for these systems will vary depending on the specific system and accessories required. To receive a free, no-obligation quote for a trace heater cable system, please request a quote online or contact Heat-Line by phone or email. Our sales and support team are in the office Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm Eastern Time and look forward to hearing from you.

How much energy does electrical heat trace consume?

The exact amount of energy consumed varies from application to application. To better understand electrical heat trace consumption, one must understand the technology of electrical heat tracing systems. Heat-Line utilizes self-regulating electrical heat trace cables which are designed to automatically adjust their heat output based on the surrounding temperature. This means that as the temperature drops, the pipe tracing cables generate more heat to prevent freezing, and as it rises, the electrical heat tracing systems reduce heat output to conserve energy. In contrast, constant wattage heat trace for pipes supply only one level of heat output regardless of the ambient temperature. Constant wattage heat trace for pipes can lead to energy inefficiency and overheating of the cable heat trace or the pipe itself. The advantage of Heat-Line self-regulating pipe tracing lies in its energy efficiency and versatility. It consumes only the necessary amount of energy to maintain the desired heating tracing temperature, resulting in lower operating costs compared to constant wattage heat trace for pipes. Additionally, self-regulating pipe tracing removes the risk of overheating, making it safe for metal and non-metal pipes even if the pipe is dry. A further benefit of self-regulating heating tracing is its ability to be safely insulated. Insulating pipe tracing and installing a trace heating thermostat or timer can increase energy savings up to 80%.

Are pipe heat tracing cables safe to use in underground applications?

Heat-Line self-regulating heat trace systems are engineered to provide reliable freeze protection for buried pipe applications. Heat-Line on-pipe electrical heat tracing systems are designed and approved for direct earth burial and wet locations. High quality, industrial grade components of the cable heat trace system and Heat-Line exclusive end seal ensure durability and performance in underground environments. Whether the heat trace line is installed in-pipe or on-pipe, Heat-Line heating tracing solutions utilize advanced self-regulating technology to adjust heat output based on surrounding temperatures, making them highly efficient and safe for pipe heat tracing applications including trace heating for water pipes, sewer pipes and drains. With a proven track record in providing pipe heat tracing, you can trust that Heat-Line heat trace lines will safely keep your underground pipes protected from freezing, eliminating the risk of costly damage and ensuring uninterrupted flow.


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