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Advanced Freeze Protection Systems

Heat-Line is an award-winning company that specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced heat trace, heat cable and water pipe freeze protection solutions for the residential, commercial and industrial markets.

Heat-Line systems are constructed with the highest quality self-regulating/conductive polymer heat trace cable, auto-therming heat trace cable and components. This provides installers and users with reliable, safe, long-lasting, and energy-efficient heating cable products that are supported by highly experienced support staff and product technicians with real world expertise. Heat-Line believes there is a solution to every freeze protection problem.

Freeze protection solutions for

Residential & Commercial Markets

Heat-Line offers numerous products for freeze protection applications including pipe warmers for cottages, cabins, homes, municipal water supply, resorts, farms, mines, oil and gas industry, trailer parks, transportation vehicles, emergency service vehicles, pumper trucks, recreational vehicles, and off-grid (solar/wind).


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The Heat-Line Difference

Heat-Line brand heat cable products are specifically manufactured to solve issues encountered in extreme cold climates. Industry-leading knowledge and experience with heat trace, respect for our customers, and attention to detail has generated a loyal following of customers that trust Heat-Line products, and that will never change.

Part of respecting and developing a loyal customer base is developing pipe warmer solutions and heating cables that take into account the concerns and needs of those customers. As a result, Heat-Line provides trace heating products that are developed by experts within the field, supported by award-winning customer service, offer efficient operation, manufactured of only the finest self-regulating heating cable and represent market leading quality control in heat tracing.

Freeze protection solutions

About Heat-Line

Heat-Line is a Canadian-owned and operated company that since 1988 has dedicated its resources to the development of advanced heating cable and heat trace solutions. Founded by a master commercial/industrial electrician Heat-Line is committed to developing products out of necessity, providing heat tracing and heat cable products that meet the needs and challenges of those individuals that call some of the most extreme cold climates home.

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Ed, R., New York United States
"Let me first tell you I am impressed by this product and I am hard to impress. We had our 1st snowfall here in Lockport NY an when I got home there was about 4 inches of snow on everything. I hard wired the unit to a switch an flipped it on an went in for dinner. Half hour later I went out an had an impressive 4 inch swath of wet panel. Water dripping off the edge and down the downspout! It was a bit labor intensive installing it but WELL worth seeing the results. Pays to do your research when planning a new project. Looks 100% better than those “v” heater wires as well…Too bad I,m 66 yrs old and retired or I might have a new business hawking your line down here in the states. So thanks for all your help and quick response to my numerous questions. Your product and personnel get a 5 STAR rating."