CARAPACE® Cut-to-Length

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CARAPACE is a high performance freeze protected potable water pipe constructed of virgin high-density polyethylene resins certified for portability, direct earth burial, and free air installations. Engineered as an advanced freeze protection solution, CARAPACE utilizes Heat-Line’s proven self-regulating heat trace cable technology for efficient and reliable performance. CARAPACE is suitable for all rural and municipal installations where together new polyethylene pipe and freeze protection is required. CARAPACE offers a cost-effective alternative to blasting and excavating where natural frost protection is not possible. The patented construction of CARAPACE provides superior thermal heat transfer and unsurpassed energy efficiency when combined with thermal insulation and  thermostat control.


CARAPACE is available as a cut to length solution for commercial/industrial applications or where calculating length requirements prior to the installation is not possible. Heat-Line offers high-quality industrial grade CARAPACE end-seal and power termination kits that promote efficient and effective on-site termination.

The CARAPACE cut-to-length product is supplied by the foot or as a 1,000-foot (305m) reel with certified power and end seal kits available. To install, a licensed electrician can perform the power and end seal terminations once the final measurement has been determined, then simply roll out the pipe and connect using industry standard plumbing fittings.

Heat-Line recommends and offers Philmac 3G compression fittings when and where applicable.

CARAPACE is constructed using a high-density NSF STD 14 approved polyethylene pipe for high strength and potability. The self-regulating heat tracing cable is extruded directly onto the outer surface of the pipe. The extruded layer is of high-density polyethylene which provides a protective shell to guard against mechanical injury while ensuring the conductive cores of the trace heating cable remain in unyielding contact with the pipe wall. This unique construction makes CARAPACE the only product Heat-Line recommends for use with high pressure and constant pressure water supply systems.

CARAPACE employs the unique and advanced performance of self-regulating heat tracing technology. CARAPACE can effectively increase heat and energy output to sections along its length which are cold and simultaneously reduce heat and energy output to sections which are warm. You never have to worry about CARAPACE overheating, causing risk of melting or fire because of the self-regulating heat tape cable technology. Even in applications where pipes are intended to be dry for short or extended periods of time, CARAPACE will never over-heat or melt the pipe. CARAPACE gives you the peace of mind of reliable freeze protection without the risk. It has become an essential product for homeowners, farmers and engineers overseeing municipal projects to provide safe and reliable pipe freeze protection.

To further increase the energy efficiency of your CARAPACE system, it is recommended to add thermal insulation and a thermostat. The additional thermal insulation works to reduce heat loss, and the thermostat allows you to duty cycle your CARAPACE system based on external pipe temperature. Both accessories combined can increase energy efficiency by as much as 80%. In applications where pipes will be exposed to atmospheric (free) air, closed-cell or other approved weatherproof insulation is required. Insulation will help to maintain energy efficiency and cold temperature reliability. Insulation is recommended for use in all new applications; however, any pipe subjected to outside air must be completely insulated to retain the heat within the pipe.

CARAPACE as a cut-to-length product is generally used for large commercial/ industrial projects. Application examples include but are not limited to:

  • Residential water supply lines (lake, river, well, building to building, municipal)
  • Constant pressure or high-pressure water systems
  • Municipal residences and commercial buildings
  • Water supply and sewage delivery systems in mining and exploration camps
  • Small diameter septic pipes (such as force main)

CARAPACE can be found providing freeze protection in many of the following places:

  • Lake Homes and Cottages
  • Farm/ Agriculture
  • Commercial/ Industrial
  • Construction Sites
  • Camps and RV’s
  • Mining and Exploration Camps
  • Northern Housing Projects
  • Northern Fishing and Hunter Camps
  • Extreme Cold Climate Government and Naval Bases
  • And more

CARAPACE is a very versatile product, and as such it can be utilized in many specialized applications. CARAPACE is also available as a factory terminated, job-ready system. If you feel you have a special or unique application for CARAPACE please contact Heat-Line directly and speak with one of our knowledgeable product specialists.


  • Cut-to-length capability for on-site flexibility
  •  Approved for direct earth burial
  •  Approved for wet location
  •  5 year limited warranty, 10 year extended warranty available
  •  Labour savings – no need to excavate below the frost line or blast rock
  •  Easily and quickly installed
  •  Approved for constant pressure systems
  •  Will never melt or burn through the water pipe, even if the pipe is dry
  •  Can be fully insulated to increase energy efficiency
  •  Can be used with a variety of control devices including timers and thermostats
  •  Available by the foot or in 1,000-foot (305m) reels
  •  CARAPACE available in SIDR-9 1 inch and 1 1/4-inch ID and SODR-9 1-inch CTS


  • cCSAus approved (Canada and USA)
  • CSA B137.1 approved
  • cNSF approved polyethylene drinking water safe
  • Manufactured in North America
  • Unique construction provides superior heat transfer
  • Most reliable and energy-efficient system on the market
  • Certified power and end terminations and other control devices available
  • Product and components meet plumbing, electrical and mechanical requirements
  • No other product combines the features and offers the flexibility of CARAPACE by Heat-Line


  • cCSAus B137.1 approved (Canada and USA) LR 85446
  • cNSF 14-61 approved
  • Installation Type A USA
  • Certified usage W Canada
  • Direct earth burial and wet location certified

Electrical Specifications

  • 120V systems – 3 watt/ft (9w/m) at 50°F (10°C) maximum circuit length of 240 ft. (73m)
  • 120V systems – 5 watt/ft (15w/m) at 50°F (10°C) maximum circuit length of 240 ft. (73m)
  • 240V systems – 3 watt/ft (9w/m) at 50°F (10°C) maximum circuit length 660 ft. (201m)
  • 240V systems – 5 watt/ft (15w/m) at 50°F (10°C) maximum circuit length 540 ft. (165m)

Plumbing Specifications

  • 1-inch ID (SIDR-9) and 1 ¼ inch ID (SIDR) HDPE 200PSI NSF STD 14 Polyethylene
  • 1-inch OD (SODR-9) HDPE 250PSI NSF STD 14 Polyethylene
  • Suitable for above ground applications when properly insulated
  • Manufactured in North America
  • CARAPACE SIDR-9 models certified to 200PSI
  • CARAPACE SODR- models certified to 250PSI

CARAPACE is a stocked item and specialized pipe size/voltage configurations not in stock can be custom ordered.  Please contact Heat-Line for current availability and lead times.

Included in a CARAPACE Cut-To-Length System:

  • HDPE Polyethylene water supply pipe and self-regulating heating cable
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Clear, concise installation and support documentation


Pipe Size/Heating Cable Variations

MHPE2-3-100-CTS1 inch CTS, 3 watts/ft, (9W/m) @ 50 F (10C) 240 volt
MHPE2-5-100-CTS1 inch CTS, 5 watts/ft, (15W/m) @ 50 F (10C)  240 volt
RHPE-5-1001 inch SIDR, 5 watts/ft, (15W/m) @ 50 F (10C) 120 volt
RHPE-5-1251 1/4 inch SIDR, 5 watts/ft, (15W/m) @ 50 F (10C) 120 volt
RHPE2-3-1001 inch SIDR, 3 watts/ft, (9W/m) @ 50 F (10C) 240 volt
RHPE2-5-1001 inch SIDR, 5 watts/ft, (15W/m) @ 50 F (10C) 240 volt
RHPE2-5-1251 1/4 inch SIDR, 5 watts/ft, (15W/m) @ 50 F (10C) 240 volt


CARAPACE Cut-To-Length Accessories

CARAPACE power and end seal kit
CARAPACE end seal kit
120/240V hardwire thermostat with GFCI (CS)
120/240V hardwire timer (CS)
MA-10120/240V GFCI/ELCI (CS)
INSUL-1.00Insulation sleeve for 1 inch ID pipe (1 5/8 inch ID, 6 ft long)
INSUL-1.25Insulation sleeve for 1 1/4 inch ID pipe (1 7/8 inch ID, 6 ft long)
INSUL-2.00Insulation sleeve for 2 inch ID pipe (2 5/8 inch ID, 6 ft long)
HLP-TAPETape for insulation sleeves (100 ft)


CARAPACE Rural and Municipal Cut-To-Length Product Code Guide (Sold by the Foot)

CARAPACE Cut-To-Length Product Code Guide


Q – Can CARAPACE be buried?
A – Yes. The CARAPACE system is certified for direct burial and wet locations making the heating cable and proprietary end-seal termination completely safe to burry.

Q – Do I need to purchase a CARAPACE Power Connection and End Seal Termination Kit with cut-to-length CARAPACE?
A – Yes. The CARAPACE system requires a single power connection and end seal termination kit to complete an entire system length. Only Heat-Line CARAPACE Power Connection and End Seal Termination kits are approved for installation with CARAPACE system. Using any other power connection and end seal kit will result in the cCSAus certification to be void, and any warranties on behalf of Heat-Line will be declined.

Q – Does CARAPACE come with a thermostat?
A – No. A thermostat is not included with the CARAPACE system as they are not required for proper and safe operation; however, a thermostat can be purchased as an additional accessory. Depending on system applications, or where automatic operation is preferred, a thermostat can be used to switch the system on and off to help conserve power or to duty cycle the system. When combined with insulation thermostats can substantially increase energy efficiency.

Q – Can I (the homeowner) install cut-to-length CARAPACE?
A – No. The CARAPACE cut-to-length product is a professional use only product. As the CARAPACE cut-to-length product is not factory terminated, a licensed electrician must perform the power and end seal terminations. CARAPACE is available as a job-ready, factory terminated system. See CARAPACE job-ready.

Q – Does the unit shut off when not required?
A – No. CARAPACE self-regulating heating cable systems increase heat output with cold but more importantly, decrease heat output with warmth. As a result, Heat-Line brand products are very energy efficient to operate, but do not completely shut off as they can only idle their output to a minimum amount. To completely shut off the system it must be unplugged or installed with a thermostat. Heat-Line brand systems should be unplugged or shut off when not required (summer months) and tested each year before use.

Q – Does a 240-volt system use less power than a 120-volt system?
A – A common misconception is that a 240V electrical appliance consumes less energy than a 120V electrical appliance. Power consumption is measured in watts, not voltage. Whether you are consuming 500W at 120V or 500W at 240V you are still consuming 500W of energy.

Q – How much power does a CARAPACE system consume?
A – All Heat-Line brand systems including CARAPACE employ Heat-Line’s advanced self-regulating heating cable technology which operates to deliver energy and heat output to areas of the pipe that are cold and reduces energy and heat output to areas which are warm. While the overall amount of energy consumed depends on multiple factors you can be assured that you are installing the most energy-efficient heating cable system available. If you would like to reduce your energy consumption further you can investigate the addition of a thermostat, timer, and or other control device. Also see CARAPACE Energy Study for further information.

Q – Is there a maximum length of CARAPACE heating cable systems?
A – Yes. The maximum circuit length of CARAPACE that is allowed on a 120V circuit is 240ft. (73m), or 660ft. (201m) on a 240V circuit.

Q – My CARAPACE system is too short; can I add a small section onto the end? If not, what can be done?
A – No. The CARAPACE system is an advanced self-regulating heating cable system that incorporates a fluoropolymer heating cable jacket engineered to be certified for direct burial and wet locations. As such the CARAPACE system cannot be spliced together in the field. If a greater length of CARAPACE is required you may purchase a single continuous product of the proper length, and or relocate a second power source and install an additional CARAPACE system to complete the required freeze protection.

Q- What type of insulation should I use with the CARAPACE system?
A – Heat-Line recommends to use insulation that is best suited to the environment in which it is going to be installed. A common type of insulation employed with CARAPACE heating cables is waterproof pipe foam insulation sleeves. You are also able to implement fiberglass insulation provided it is properly weatherproofed based on the environment.

Q – Where do I purchase the CARAPACE heating cable system?
A – The CARAPACE heating cable system manufactured by Heat-Line is available directly through Heat-Line and or any of our Heat-Line product distributors. For a list of Heat-Line product distributors in Canada and the United States please contact Heat-Line directly on our toll-free number at 800-584-4944.

Q – Do I have to use insulation with the CARAPACE system?
A – Insulation is highly recommended when using the CARAPACE system, especially if the installation is above ground in ambient outdoor air. Insulation helps reduce the overall heat loss and therefore reduces the amount of energy the CARAPACE heating cable must consume.

  • CARAPACE Brochure
  • Carapace Catalogue
  • CARAPACE Power Connection & End Seal Kit Manual
  • CARAPACE as a Heated Riser Concept
  • CARAPACE Bridge Span Application
  • CARAPACE Power Consumption Study – 2008
  • CARAPACE Manufacturer Case Study

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  1. Keith

    I am building a house and workshop on a rocky coastal property. The granite laden area makes it nearly impossible to trench below the frost line. I was scratching my head about how to freeze proof my waterlines, when I happened upon a YouTube video about a Heat-Line product. A google search brought me to their website. The next day I telephoned Heat-Line and they answered all of my questions. I measured up my site and made another call to order the Carapace product. Within one week it was at my door. I haven’t completed the installation yet, but the quality of the product, and thoroughness of the directions are too notch. Looking forward to frost free water lines this winter.

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