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ArcticVent-HT is the only passive engineered solution designed to freeze-protect the exposed length of a plumbing vent stack. ArcticVent-HT is an innovative, self-contained unit that prevents ice build-up while requiring no power, produces zero carbon footprint and easily installs inside existing plumbing vent stacks in minutes. ArcticVent-HT shares many of the same advanced characteristics of the original electric powered ArcticVent, which has demonstrated ease of installation and reliability for over 20 years. Engineered for enhanced heat transfer, the ArcticVent-HT combines ease of installation with advanced vapour chamber technology.


The unique advantage of ArcticVent-HT is its cutting-edge vapour chamber technology. The proprietary vapour chamber technology efficiently transfers warmth from within the building to the upper opening of the vent. ArcticVent-HT simply slides into an existing 3’’ ABS or PVC plumbing vent stack, eliminating the need for additional labour to prepare for its installation. Solvents or adhesives are not required for installation allowing the ArcticVent-HT to remain fully serviceable, and the need for a nearby power source is eliminated.

ArcticVent-HT is installed in applications where ice blockages occur in plumbing vents due to accumulated condensation in prolonged freezing temperatures. Persistent cold temperatures cause plumbing vents to ice up and form a blockage as humid air rises, condenses and freezes. The result is pungent, unhealthy air backing up inside the building, which can harm the inhabitants.

ArcticVent-HT can be used in new installations or retrofit existing vent stacks where a freeze protected plumbing vent stack is required. The ArcticVent-HT is designed to slide into existing 3-inch plumbing ABS and PVC vent stacks without their removal. No adhesives or solvents are required. The connection is intentionally designed to be detachable, allowing the ArcticVent-HT to remain serviceable. 

ArcticVent-HT is an innovative plumbing vent freeze protection system that operates without electricity or hydronics. It harnesses proprietary vapor chamber technology to transfer energy from the lower vent pipe to the upper vent rim using exclusive refrigerants and a carefully engineered capillary process.

ArcticVent-HT is fabricated from durable black anodized aluminum, offering exceptional strength even in the most frigid conditions and delivering outstanding corrosion resistance.

With ArcticVent-HT, your vent stack is professionally freeze protected without the danger of traditional heat tapes. It is rapidly becoming an essential product for homeowners, engineers, and government housing authorities to provide safe and efficient freeze protection to plumbing vent stacks in extreme cold climates.

ArcticVent-HT is a non-electric, non-hydronic freeze-protected plumbing vent freeze protection system designed to be installed in the upper portion of the vent stack where it exits the roof of a building. Application examples include but are not limited to:

  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial/Industrial buildings
  • Modular homes and northern research laboratories
  • Temporary mining and exploration camps
  • Construction trailers

ArcticVent-HT can be found providing plumbing vent freeze protection in the following climates:

  • Canada and the Circumpolar Regions
  • Various residential homes and commercial buildings across central Canada
  • Northern United States

If you feel you have a specialized or unique application for ArcticVent-HT please contact Heat-Line directly and speak with one of our knowledgeable product development specialists.

Features & Benefits

  • Requires no electricity or other power source, zero carbon operating footprint
  • Quickly and easily installed in a matter of minutes
  • The only passive engineered solution incorporating advanced vapour chamber technology avaliable on the market
  • No need to oversize stack diameters
  • Constructed out of hard black anodized aluminum for high strength in severe cold and resistance to corrosion
  • Engineered for enhanced heat transfer
  • Proven results throughout circumpolar regions
  • 5 year limited warranty


  • Non-electric, non-hydronic plumbing vent freeze protection system
  • Hard black anodized aluminum casing for resistance to corrosion
  • Proprietary vapour chamber technology provides efficient movement of energy
  • Designed for working ambient temperatures ranging from -58F (-50C) to 194F (90C)
  • Suitable for all types of roofs
  • Suitable for 3 inch ABS and PVC vent only
  • Adapters may be available for other pipe types and sizes
  • Always default to the ATV-30-42-01 model as long as your existing plumbing vent layout can accommodate the length

ArcticVent-HT is considered a stocked item and is available ready to ship.

Included in a 42″ ArcticVent-HT:

  • ArcticVent-HT 3″ plumbing vent for ABS and PVC, 42″ long

  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Clear, concise installation and support documentation

Included in a 24″ ArcticVent-HT:

  • ArcticVent-HT 3″ plumbing vent for ABS and PVC, 24″ long

  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Clear, concise installation and support documentation

ArcticVent-HT Accessories

INSUL-3.00Closed cell polyethylene insulation sleeve for 3″ pipes (6′ long, 31/2″ ID, ¾” thick wall)
Elastomeric flexible closed-cell insulation, 1/2″ (12.5mm) thick, 6″ (152mm) wide, 10′ (3m) long

ArcticVent-HT Product Code Guide

ArcticVent-HT Product Code Guide

Q – Does the ArcticVent-HT require electricity?

A – No. The ArcticVent-HT does not require any power source. It simply slides into an existing plumbing vent stack. Engineered for enhanced heat transfer, the ArcticVent-HT incorporates advanced vapour chamber technology to prevent ice blockages from occurring.

Q – What size vent stack does ArcticVent-HT fit?

A – ArcticVent-HT is specifically engineered for standard 3-inch diameter ABS and PVC plumbing vent stacks. Larger diameter plumbing vents have been installed for years in cold climates in an ineffective effort to slow the freezing process. There is no longer the need for oversized plumbing vents.

Q – Is ArcticVent-HT only used in the high Arctic climates?

A – No. ArcticVent-HT was developed by request of Cape Dorset Nunavut Housing to solve a plumbing vent freezing problem that uses no electricity and did not rely on hydronic heating; however, ArcticVent-HT can be installed in many other regions to prevent plumbing vent blockages due to ice formation.

Q – Can I (the homeowner) install ArcticVent-HT?

A – Heat-Line provides proper and easy to follow installation instructions with all of our products and offers market-leading technical support. As a result, most Heat-Line systems, including ArcticVent-HT can easily be installed by homeowners following proper roof safety procedures and in accordance with governing plumbing and building authorities. The installation of an ArcticVent-HT could not be more simple. There is no need for glue or adhesives, simply slip the ArcticVent-HT into the existing 3-inch ABS or PVC vent pipe. 

Q – Do I need to insulate ArcticVent-HT?

A – Insulating the ArcticVent-HT is not required, but is highly recommended to enhance performance in extreme cold and wind chill. It is recommended to apply insulation to fully cover the entire exposed length of both the vent pipe and ArcticVent-HT. If accessible, it is recommended to also apply insulation to the exposed section of the vent pipe within the unheated attic space. Insulation can be purchased from Heat-Line.

Q – Where do I purchase ArcticVent-HT?

A – ArcticVent-HT manufactured by Heat-Line is available directly through Heat-Line and or any of our Heat-Line product distributors across North America. For a list of Heat-Line product distributors in Canada and the United States ,please contact Heat-Line directly at [email protected] or on our toll-free number at 1-800-584-4944.

Q – Does the ArcticVent-HT replace the current vent stack?

A – No. The ArcticVent-HT simply slides into existing 3-inch plumbing ABS and PVC vent stacks without their removal. No adhesives or solvents are required. The connection is intentionally designed to be detachable, allowing the ArcticVent-HT to remain serviceable. No additional plumbing or electrical work is required.

  • ArcticVent-HT Catalogue
  • ArcticVent-HT Manual

4 reviews for ArcticVent®-HT

  1. Gloria

    I have been dealing with an iced up sewage vent pipe every winter in Minnesota. My carpenter did research for me and recommended I buy the 42″ pipe solution. I pray it works, and I extended my warranty on the pipe for an additional five years. People I spoke to at Heat-Line were very helpful and very nice to work with.

  2. Lee Gardner

    I am a trustee in a small historic church in central Vermont. I called Heat-line in an attempt to find a solution to a problem that had persisted for three years since a new upgraded septic system had been installed. During those three years the vent stack would freeze at the top resulting in the entire church being filled with sewer gas. You can imagine how popular the trustees were …and this would happen at least a half dozen times a winter. Everytime , it required two of us to go up into the steeple where a window on the back ,above the roof was removed so you could lean halfway out with a broomstick to break the ice out of the vent. I talked to contractors, engineers and even the State with no one having a reasonable solution . After talking to Heatline ( which blew me away) and sharing with other others what they were offering for help ,the other trustee who had been going into the steeple with me wept in joy. I am not overstating our experience here at all. Last winter 2022-2023 there was simply no smell and no broomstick. The product and the people are great. If I could rate them with ten stars ,I would. As far as we are concerned they were literally a Godsend.

  3. Robert

    After a couple of continues nights of -35 or lower degrees and days high of around -20. Last year after a few days of these temperature my vent would be frozen solid and would need hot water poured down the pipe. Then procedure would have to be repeated almost every day until temperature rose over -10. As the winter continued and temperature where in the -30 degrees Celcius Attic vent is clear and heat steam ( hard to see ) could be seen coming out of vent. There were a lot of vent pipes in my town with frozen vents. Yes the ArcticVent-HT did it’s job well and yes I would recommend it to everyone that has vent freezing issues.

  4. Karen and Terry Tedor

    After years of climbing a ladder to pour water down the vent stack to melt the ice blockage.. we finally found our solution!! The ArcticVent-HT is everything we hoped for. We searched for years for this product…we finally found Heat-Line, and contacted them about their ArcticVent Product. They were looking for a test site for this ArcticVent-prototype in the upper regions of Alaska. We were lucky to fit their needs to test the new ArcticVent-HT. We had no ice blockage, unhealthy air, or noisy plumbing in the Winter of 2022/2023!! It was AMAZING!! This company and their product has been fantastic to work with. We could not be happier not going back up on the roof in the snow and ice. Thank you for helping us out Heat-line, we will continue to let our friends know all about you! If you are looking for a solution, this is it!!

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