Melting Snow Around Your Heated Pipe?

by Matt Roberts

When installing a Heat-Line brand heating cable system one of the most important steps is to ensure the system is properly insulated.

An improperly insulated heating cable system can lead to heat loss which can create snow melt around the pipe. The objective of the insulation is to retain the heat generated by the heating cable thereby preventing heat loss. This saves energy and operating costs. A common comparison that many people can relate to is: Would you purchase the best heater available to heat your home and then not insulate the home? 

Listen to January's video blog and learn directly from a Heat-Line specialist about how applying insulation and incorporating a thermostat can reduce heat loss.


Heat Loss Melting Snow Around Your Heating Cable?

You want to retain the heat and prevent the loss, this saves energy. Would you heat your home and not insulate the walls?