"Buyer Beware" Do I have a real Heat-Line brand System

by Laura Roberts

Hello and welcome to the April 2017 Heat-Line Vlog.

For this month’s topic we have decided to issue the “Buyer Beware” statement, and for very good reason.

In the English language, it is extremely common to use a brand name as a noun.

For example have you ever asked someone if they had a Kleenex, when really any brand of facial tissue would be adequate?

Using brand names as common nouns is all around us, and that even includes the heat tracing industry.

Over the years we have received many calls of people who claim they bought a Heat-Line system as that is what they asked for from their supplier only to find out they were sold an inferior heating cable instead. This is not necessarily the fault of the supplier, they could’ve just assumed a Heat-Line is any heated-line and not a brand.

If you are interested in purchasing a Heat-Line brand product from a third party…

Listen to April’s video blog and learn directly from a member of Heat-Line's technical team about just how to guarantee you have or that you purchase a Heat-Line brand heating cable system.

Do I Own or Did I Purchase a Heat-Line Brand System

Do I Own or Did I Purchase a Heat-Line Brand System