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All Heat-Line systems feature Heat-Line self-regulating heating cable technology which can increase heat output with cold but more importantly, decrease heat output with warmth. Unlike outdated heat tape, Heat-Line electrical heating cables will never overheat, are long-lasting, easy to install and operate, safe to insulate and extremely energy efficient. Heat-Line self-regulating cables take away the uncertainty by ensuring that every system is meticulously tagged, tested, and factory certified to meet the rigorous standards for self-regulating cables by renowned North American regulatory agencies like CSA and NSF.


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    Sewage Pipe Freeze Protection

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    Freezing of sewage pipes can lead to significant issues and potential damage. When sewage pipes freeze, they can cause blockages, leading to backups and overflows that can result in unpleasant odours, unsanitary conditions, and costly repairs. Heat-Line provides efficient heating cable systems designed to address sewage pipe freeze protection challenges. Heat-Line offers options for both in-pipe and on-pipe sewer line applications. Every system includes all necessary plumbing components, a GFCI or cord set power lead and factory terminated Heat-Line self-regulating heating cable.

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