Jim V., Ontario, Canada

The Retro-Line cable system I purchased from Heat-Line was high quality and easy to install.
Todd was tremendous with assistance and questions.

Larry B., Ontario, Canada

5 out of 5 for service. The product was ready to ship in two days as Heat-Line had to build it for me. The Delivery company that is usually a 5 star failed me by taking almost a week to deliver with 4 notices of delay. However, once the Heat-Line landed at my doorstep, installation at my customers place was slick. The 120 foot line was so easy to push in compared to other makes I have used in the past, I’ll always recommend Heat-Line to my customers. Thank you so much for super fast service and an awesome product.

Peter B., Minnesota, USA

I wanted to write your company to express my appreciation for the in-depth analysis of my freezing issues on my waterline here on my farm property. What a luxury having Brent hold my hand considering where and how I might figure out where the weak point in my system was and why contrary to all apparent indicators of a safe system I still had no water.

Bob T., Ontario, Canada

I would like to pass on my regards to your company. I have been retired for 10 years now but worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 40 years, running large and small companies as well as my own consulting business. I have seen companies that are well run and others that are poorly run. 

Heatline has all of he hallmarks of a very well run company. Your product line is excellent and the quality of your products is very high. All the staff I have interacted with are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Your buildings are very well kept and spotlessly clean. 

My congratulations to your entire team. 

David C., Saskatchewan, Canada

Thanks to Heat-Line Freeze Protection Systems , No More Ice Dams this winter 😉 Heat-Line Freeze Protection Systems has the products and the engineering to get rid of ice dams, even in Saskatchewan! Installed 6 zones using Heat -Liine’s EDGE-CUTTER ® Systems. Heat-Line was there for us every step of the way with answers to our problems with ice dams. Heat-Line’s techs always had answers for our problems, and never did Heat-Line’s techs not come up with souloutins for our project. Kiudos to the team at Heat-Line, and their products 😉

Kyle F. – South Eastern Ontario, Canada

I just have to say how great your sales rep Matt Roberts is. I had a problem with one of your products, and was expecting push back when I called to have it rectified. Nothing of the sort at all, it made my day. He was understanding, kind, and gave me the feeling that it would be taken care of, and that I didn’t need to worry. He called me several times to verify that everything was good and that I had received the invoices and explained the shipping aspects. It would be nice if every company adapted this quality of customer service.

Tor S. – British Columbia, Canada

I finally installed the Heat Line yesterday. It took all of 30 minutes inside the pump house at the lakeshore. Everything went together and worked perfectly. It is an impressive product.

I also want to say that I was very pleased with the whole process of getting your quote, adjusting that once, as well as the actual ordering the product…, the confirmation of order shipment and tracking number and finally, the prompt delivery to us in BC within the timeframe suggested.

Thank you from one very happy customer!

Thomas, H., Michigan, United States

Just wanted to thank you on your product. I recently purchased from you. My neighbor is extremely (happy) not only with your product in which they love, in how it performs so well, but they where also impressed with their low electricity bill for the month. Once again Thank you. I hope to be doing more business in the future with you.

Don, P., Ontario Canada

I started the Heat Line relationship from a referral a few weeks ago from my brother who lives in your area which was also our family hometown. I quite honestly am not frequently involved in these type of projects and he was able to direct me to your group.
Now let’s fast forward to my first call. Happened to be the owner that answered and chatted about my needs. Then a quote from one of your sales reps. A couple of conversations later and we had the product in hand, ready to install thanks to the quick coordination of shipping. I won’t pretend to be one of your biggest customers as like I said, it is not usually my area. Having said that, I will most certainly recommend in the future.
Thank you to all that represent Heat Line for the incredible response, information and follow though on the product you are supplying.

Philip B., Ontario Canada

I just wanted to say that I think your product installation was the easiest retro project I have ever done. I installed a 30 foot retro line in less than an hour including prep time, removing well cap and pitless adapter and clean up. Well done!
Very impressed with your company.

Bruce Catley – Ontario

I purchased 40 feet of Heat-Line approximately 20 years ago, and have been delighted with its performance in allowing running water at my cottage for the last 20 winters.

The Heat-Line is plugged in about 25 feet above the surface of the lake and runs to a depth of about 10 feet under the water surface. The self-regulating nature of the Heat-Line has kept the line clear of ice, above and below the lake surface (typically 1 meter of ice), consistently for 20 winters, except once, when we had no power for about 9 days during the ice storm. As soon as the power came on again, the Heat-Line melted the ice and we had running water again.
To protect against shorter power outages, I keep the hot water tank on low all winter inside the plumbing cupboard lined with 4″ Styrofoam SM. Even in the coldest weather the gradual heat dissipation from the hot water tank keeps the pipes and the bladder and pressure tanks inside the cupboard from freezing up for several days.

I would highly recommend this Canadian-built product.

Mark Conroy – Laurentians, Quebec

I’ve recently built a house on the shores of lac Gagnon QC in the Laurentians. I ordered your Retro-Line product to freeze protect the existing water line which runs 180 feet from the house down to a submersible pump about 15 feet deep the lake. The Retro Line arrived promptly. It took my plumber and I about an hour to install. The retro reel made feeding the line through the existing water line easy. Setting up the simple electrical receptacle it plugs into in my basement was also very easy. I have spent my first full winter absolutely delighted with your product… simply plugging it in mid-October and unplugging it near end of April. Thanks again!

David, Woodhaven Country Lodge – Lakehurst, Ontario

The use of Heat-Line is a major cost savings to us.
We draw our water from the lake year round without a well and the expense of drilling a well in this area is astronomically high, therefore Heat-Line allows us affordable water from the lake year round.

Rob Gavlock, A&A Construction Company, Inc. – Clarence, Pennsylvania

The Kompensator was very easy to install, and we had zero problems of valve freeze ups on our trucks this winter.

Jeff & Julie Winter, Premier Pump Service, LLC – Hartsel, Colorado

I have always encountered excellent Customer Service.
I have installed Heat-Line systems for a number of years now.
The product has never failed, even in extreme conditions at or above 10,000 Ft.
Heat-Line is the only product that I will install because of the ease of installation and quality of the product.

Todd Engblom – Wetaskiwin, Alberta

We were very happy with the help in figuring out in what we needed and the customer support during install.

Jim Godbout, Jim Godbout Plumbing and Heating Inc. – Biddeford, Maine

Great product, helps us overcome regulation implied by Department of Environmental regulation and shore land zoning rules forcing home to be built on piers in cold weather climate which presents huge obstacles.
Your products keep water flowing in areas jeopardized by cold weather here in southern Maine.
Heat-Line cables made to order is another great feature we enjoy.

Bill Shee, Owner Chandos Plumbing – Apsley, Ontario

We have used Heat-Line products for some 20 Years, mostly Retro-Line internal cables, but other products as well. At times we found it necessary to try other products, or install products supplied by others i.e. Contractors and Customers. Our experience is that no other product is better for the job of freeze proofing water piping, than Heat-Line products.
The products are more durable, easier to install, and cost less to operate than any other product we have encountered.
For the past 10 years we have supplied Heat-Line products exclusively to our customers.
We are provided excellent service from the staff, where a phone call will initiate the delivery of our product in a very timely fashion.
We will continue to use and recommend Heat-Line Products.
Thanks for a quality product.

Andy Madill, Madill Plumbing – Haliburton, Ontario

We have been using your products since the very beginning of your company and have never been disappointed in the product or your service.
Heat-Line truly is the best product on the market.
In all the years of selling and installing Heat-Line products we have not had one customer complaint.
We look forward to many more years of doing business.

Bob Sherwood, Customer Service Desco Plumbing & Heating Supply Inc. – Lindsay, Ontario

The service from Heat-Line over the years has been over and above our expectations.

Matt Girard, M and J Plumbing – Peterborough, Ontario

As a Canadian business owner I believe in supporting companies that make and distribute their product here at home.
The product sells itself from the obvious high quality materials used, and the warranty.
I continue to use Heat-Line products on a regular basis and have only had one issue which was quickly resolved in a professional manner on their end, they stand behind what they sell and that means a lot to a company like ours.
Thumbs up to Heat-Line for having the obvious choice in product for plumbing contractors and anyone considering a supply system up here in the North.

Bob Sherwood, Customer Service Desco Plumbing & Ben Carr, Ben Carr Plumbing – Minden, Ontario

Fantastic Product! Customers love it, they get to come up a month early and extend their time at the cottage later.
Paladin works great!
Cottagers can use their water in the winter when they couldn’t previously.

Miles MacDonald, Wellmasters Plus – Lakefield, Ontario

We don’t hesitate; we recommend and install Heat-Line products in many situations for sewage lines, well lines and lake systems.
Our customers are so happy with the Heat-Line products.

Zaid Halasah, Owner Red Umbrella Inn – Minden, Ontario

I am the owner of the Red Umbrella Inn in Minden, Ontario and a cottage owner in the Haliburton Highlands for the last 30 plus years and I have been using Heat-Line since 1998 in our cottage and also in our Resort since 2009 with great result.
The staff at Heat-Line are very knowledgeable, professional and a family oriented people. The level of service, quality and the warranty of the product are superior to anything on the market.
We are a very satisfied customer and user of your product.

Vern Phelps, Cranes Heavy Duty Truck Parts – Painted Post, New York

This past winter was our first experience with Heat-Line. The company is excellent to work with.
They are true to their word and we have had no problems with the product.
We have sold Kompensator to water truck companies without a single complaint.

Peter Craig – Lakefield, Ontario

I have been using Heat-Line products for quite some time, basically from inception.
I have had good success with all products including: Retro-Line, Paladin, and EXT Series.
I have placed many custom cut to size orders, and also some larger waterlines.
All products have provided exceptional customer satisfaction; ease of install, and in the rare case of warranty issues, excellent response from Heat-Line.
As in the past, I will continue to use Heat-Line products exclusively, as a matter of fact, I will be installing some next week.

Jeff in the state of Maine

I bought a 100 ft. Retro-Line in 2009, so I could get water to my cottage on the lake in the State of Maine. It was so easy to install, and I also purchased a Thermostat.
My power bill went up about $20.00 per month for the 6 months that the heated line comes on. There are cheaper brands out there, but you always get what you pay for.
The only thing to remember is to buy your heated line long enough, you can always send it back to get it shortened, but they can’t add to it.
This is a great product, now I can flush the bathroom shower and do the dishes in the winter.
I have had -25 degree temperatures and never had a problem.

Mitchell Cowen, Cowan Plumbing – Huntsville, Ontario

Speedy delivery. Incredible customer service.
Infinitely customizable in sizes and lengths with our without pipe.
Fool proof assembly by hand.
This product has a 5 year warranty
Having this Heat-Line product allows us to stay at our cottage longer in the season.
With this product we don’t have to worry when we leave for the winter.
The Self-Regulation heats where needed, so it’s cheaper to operate.
We can choose to leave it on or off…if frozen it only takes about 20-30 minutes, before the water is thawed.

Rod T. – Winnipeg, Manitoba

It’s worked perfectly so far.

Chris Thompson, Polywest Product & Asset Manager – Headingley, Manitoba

As a supplier of polyethylene tanks to many northern communities, we regularly receive requests to “freeze-proof” tanks. Where the wholesalers of similar heating products simply offer piecemeal solutions, Heat-Line’s willingness to work with us in determining a complete solution-the right product to use, exact configuration, installation instructions, and documentation-has set them apart.
Not only have we been more successful landing contracts when we use Heat-Line?s products, their customized and complete kits allowed us to increase our production efficiencies.
Lorne and his crew have consistently been professional, courteous, and quick to help out.

Wayne Berube, Shop Foreman – Streamline Mechanical Ltd. – Sherwood Park, Alberta.

Streamline has used Heatline Corporation for a number of years. We have purchased a large number of Paladin heating cables. Streamline is very pleased with the product and the great service they provide. We will continue to use Heat-Line in the future.

Steven L. Richards, CWS V1 – President The Aquasource Group Inc. – Honeoye, New York

We have used Heat-line products for many years now and have come to always depend on the quality and performance. The ease of installation of the Retro-Line series makes protecting shallow lake intake lines a piece of cake!
Nice to have a product you can always depend on and good people to talk to at the factory.

Paul Godwin, Godwin Plumbing – Lindsay, Ontario

We have purchased and installed Heat-Line, from their company from the year they started their business. Let me say, there is nothing out there that comes close to Heat-Line products.
Thank you to Lorne and his entire team of experts, for the many years of great service.

Scott Craig, Tri-State Tanks – Kansas City Missouri

We have always received excellent service and high quality product from Heat-Line.

Peter Hafford – Saskatchewan

I bought a Retro-Line for my well to house line, it has worked flawlessly for almost 3 winters now and other than turning it on when ground freezes and off in spring when it thaws it is set and forget.

Rob – Concord, Ontario

My water line at the cottage is around 200 ft., which slopes down to the pump in the lake. I decide to install the Retro-Line because my previously installed heat trace failed without me knowing. This caused problems one winter…there was damage and I wasn?t able to use the cottage. I wanted to install a heat trace that would give me no problems and I wanted the job done right.
I wanted to install a heat trace that would give me no problems and I wanted the job done right. I was concerned that I wouldn?t be able to push the 200 Ft. of Retro-Line down to the lake. Customer service provided me with some helpful tips on how to do this. When I installed the line it went down easier than I expected.
The install went smoothly until I realized my measurements were off?.my fault. Heat-Line was very helpful. I had to remove the Retro-Line and ship it back to get it shortened. The turnaround was quick and I got the Retro-Line installed quickly the second time.
I am very satisfied with the product. My water pipe doesn?t drain in the winter, and Retro-Line has prevented freeze-up. In fact since I have installed it, I haven?t even noticed any decrease flow in water or increase in the hydro bill. Because of my bad experience in the past, I like that I can easily check if my Retro-Line is powered up with the indicator light.
I would recommend Heat-Line to anyone who enjoys water in the winter.

Bill Avis – Peterborough, Ontario

I purchased a Paladin system last year, it was easy to install on the exterior of a water line running 100 Ft. along an interior wall of an unheated building. I was able to use pipe insulation around the pipe and Paladin.
It’s good to see small companies looking after business.

Tom Primeau, President – Rastall Mine Supply. – Sudbury, Ontario

I am using your product at a remote fishing camp that only has a generator for hydro. We have a deep well pump that stays in the lake all year round and used your product to run from just below the ice surface to a sauna building. The product was very easy to install with the package that I purchased from you. We first tried the Retro-Line in mid-January and found that after arriving and starting the generator we only had to plug in the Retro-Line for 15-20 minutes and we were able to use our pump.
Your product was of interest to us due to its low hydro draw, which I very important when running on a generator.
Very satisfied with your product and through the course of the winter I showed my setup to friend with similar camps and they were very impressed and considering installing your product this year.

J.C. Irani – Mississauga, Ontario

I did purchase a Paladin for installation on my metal roof to heat the metal roof and break the ice build in the valleys of my cottage roof, where the dormers run in the center of the roofing system?works like a charm!

Norm Parrott, Big dripper Water Haulage Inc. – Cochrane Alberta

I own a water hauling company based near Calgary Alberta. Although our weather is usually quite good, we do get cold spells when the temperature drops below -20C. This low temperature, combined with the wind chill as we drive down the highway, means big trouble for any exposed water lines. Looking for a solution. I searched the internet for a product to help us and came across your website.
When I called your office and spoke to Brent, he suggested the Kompensator along with some insulated wrap for our situation. I ordered 2 Kompensators for our truck and trailer unit. We received the package within days and my driver and I installed and insulated the 2 lines in a few hours.
Brent was really helpful with suggestions for our particular needs and the installation directions that came with the units were very good as well.
We are extremely pleased with the results we’ve experienced so far.
We installed each Kompensator with a switch, so we only have them on when we need them.
I couldn’t be happier with your quality products, helpful and personable service and speedy delivery.
The Kompensator is a perfect fit for our application and reasonably priced.
I highly recommend your company and its product to anyone who is having trouble with freezing lines.

Jim Scarrow – Parry Sound, Ontario

I’ve been very pleased with my new Retro-Line. It installed easily, and works as advertised. The physical flexibility of the line made installation easy using the “pull” method, even though I was installing a fairly long line. Lubricating the line with non-toxic lubricant as recommended by Heat-Line was a big help.
The handy reel that the product came wrapped on was also very useful during installation, and is something I’ve kept for future line retractions if needed during supply pipe repairs.
The Self-Regulation temperature sensing was particularly attractive to me since like a lot of cottagers, we use the place only periodically during the winter and prefer to partially drain the line and allow it to freeze when the system is not in use to save energy. Also with the Self-Regulation will prevent overheating in the dry sections of pipe when the line is unfrozen for subsequent winter use.
I found the staff at Heat-Line very helpful and full of useful advice when I was planning and designing my installation.
I would recommend Heat-Line products to anyone in need of ice protection of water supplies.

Allan Wolpowitz – Boulder, Colorado

The water line to our house runs from the road for about 100 ft. under a concrete and steel driveway. Code requires that they bury the water line below the frost line at 4 ft. (we live at 7000 Ft. in Colorado, and winter often goes down to -25 degrees in the winter, usually down to 6 Ft. They buried it at 2 Ft., and the line as a result froze almost every winter for the last 14 years that we have lived here. It would not be financially viable to pull up the driveway to dig down to the required levels and not all the line could be reached anyway. Thawing a 100 Ft. of pipe in the middle of winter was a challenge, and clearly something had to be done about it. The only heat tape for pipe that I could find over 25 Ft. and that also plugged into 120 volts was the Paladin series of Heat-Line products. I ran the problem by them and they were supportive and said that my idea was feasible. This has been in place for 2 winters now, going down to way below zero for weeks on end with snow packed on it. Not once has the temperature on the thermostat read below 53 degrees at its placement 50 Ft. from the house and 2 feet underground.
Nothing else that exists other than the Paladin system could have possibly solved our problem without a minimum of $100,000.00 (quoted) rebuilding project.

Anonymous – Ontario, Canada

We use your product because of the flexibility of it being made to the lengths and voltages that we require.
Easy to install, and easy to use. We continue to use it as it works well, and will continue to use it.
Your staff that I have dealt with have always been helpful and never had a problem.

Randy Woods – Kelowna, British Columbia

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team at Heat-line for the exceptional customer service that I received last recently with the products that I ordered. It is refreshing to have a reliable supplier who actually answers their phones with real people, who are professional and offer such great service to their customers, and follow up  with their commitments as promised.

Your efforts are greatly appreciated and although I am just a small customer, I will be a faithful one and will promote and sell your product with great enthusiasm.

Steve S., Washington State

I so much appreciate your help and advice with the selection and installation of this incredible product. With help from your distributor I was able to find someone to provide the installation.
This was my first full winter after my retirement in central Washington state and it was quite cold although not by Canadian standards I’m sure. The lowest temperature I noticed was 3°F (-16°C) with weeks on end below freezing. The Retro-Line freeze protection system made living here during the winter an absolutely normal experience versus the previous year’s struggle. Hauling in water and melting snow is not my idea of retirement! Fortunately I only spent half of the previous winter here. 

Dan T., Ontario Canada

Received, inspected and installed. AWESOME product. Pushed 150’ like a champ.

No doubt longer would be a breeze as well.

David C., Saskatchewan Canada

Recently I had to install a potable water system for a cabin at Wakaw Lake Saskatchewan. The only option I had for a potable water system for the cabin was from Wakaw Municipality. The municipality was able to provide a water line for a trickle potable water system. The only place where I could locate municipalities potable water tee line to was to a shed outside of the cabin. This meant that I had to have freeze protection for municipalities incoming potable water via a 1-inch line with 90 psi pressure. I would also need freeze protection for potable water going from storage tank inside shed to cabin as potable supply water.

Heat-Line’s professional technical support was very helpful with ongoing engineering specifications and design. Heat-Line’s support was there for me at every step of the way, and always had a solution for my problems. This project involved getting information from many sources and much of the information that I received was misinformation, thus making this project really challenging. I never received any misinformation from Heal-line, Heat-line was always able to able to deal with my misinformation of others and make me successful with this project.

I highly recommend Heatl-line products and most of all their ability to assist with the engineering of your project from start to finish, Never does Heat-line leave you with a problem, only solutions!

Scott Y., Alberta Canada

Hello Heatline, Just wanted to let you know that I purchased your product through (Retailers Name Removed) with the intent of installing it on the long weekend as the current product I had installed had broken connections and did not want to run the risk of it not working this winter. It was one of the jobs I was not looking forward too as over the last 10 years I have removed the current system several times to deal with other issues and it was always the hardest part. Aside from it being ordered in the wrong configuration ( could be a communication issue ) the install was fantastic !!!!!! Great product and would recommend it to anyone who asks !!!!

Had to reach out to let you know as being in business myself we don’t hear about the successes enough.

Ed, R., New York United States

Let me first tell you I am impressed by this product and I am hard to impress. We had our 1st snowfall here in Lockport NY an when I got home there was about 4 inches of snow on everything. I hard wired the unit to a switch an flipped it on an went in for dinner. Half hour later I went out an had an impressive 4 inch swath of wet panel. Water dripping off the edge and down the downspout! It was a bit labor intensive installing it but WELL worth seeing the results. Pays to do your research when planning a new project. Looks 100% better than those “v” heater wires as well…Too bad I,m 66 yrs old and retired or I might have a new business hawking your line down here in the states. So thanks for all your help and quick response to my numerous questions. Your product and personnel get a 5 STAR rating.