Submersible Pump Wire

For submersible pumps being installed in lake, rivers, and or other open water bodies Heat-Line recommends and supplies high quality TECK-90 armoured jacketed cables with watertight breakout boots. The use of TECK-90 wire in place of common unprotected deep well submersible pump wire offers many benefits to the installer and end-user alike.

The end-user benefits from the mechanical and moisture resistant protection that the TECK-90 cable offers, meaning no unnecessary service calls. From an installation point of view Heat-Line’s TECK-90 cable comes factory direct and cut to length with a water tight end seal already prepared for the power connection to the submersible pump. The installation process is simplified and the overall reliability of the water system is increased.

With submersible pumps in lake, rivers and other open water bodies becoming increasingly popular the need to complete these installations with the proper and certified components is critical. In the case of an improper installation serious and even life threating electrical dangers exist. Within the United States there are currently recorded cases of such dangers and accidents. The implementation of moisture resistant armoured cable (TECK-90) for your submersible pump power supply, combined with proper GFCI protection (MilliAmp) will help reduce the risk of electrical injury.

break out boot on pump wire to keep moisture out
pump wire complete with moisture resistant package


Heat-Line is a supplier of high quality TECK-90 armoured jacketed power cables complete with watertight breakout boots. TECK-90 power cables can be buried directly in the ground, are certified for wet locations and offer excellent mechanical protection in high traffic areas.

Heat-Line recommends and supplies high quality TECK-90 armoured jacketed cables with watertight breakout boots for electrical pump installations in lakes, rivers and other open water bodies. This cable is sealed from moisture ingress to reduce insulation resistance breakdown (IR drop). These cables can be buried directly in the ground, are durable and offer excellent mechanical protection all the way to the pump.

The advantage to the TECK-90 armour jacketed submersible pump wire is that unlike common unprotected PVC jacketed deep well pump wire, the armoured wire prevents mechanical damage within the waterbody and over or under the ground. Furthermore the wet-location approved TECK-90 cable prevents moisture from breaking down the internal conductor insulation which can lead to IR drop and GFCI conditions.

If you feel you have a special or unique application for Teck Wire please contact Heat-Line directly and speak with one of our knowledgeable product specialists.

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  • Reliable and safe power supply for submersible pumps in lakes, rivers, and other water bodies
  • Armoured cables provides mechanical protection of conductors when expose above ground and within wet locations
  • Outer wet location approved jacket provide a moisture barrier between the surrounding environment and the internal cable conductors
  • TECK-90 cable is CSA C22.2 Certified
  • Suitable for direct earth burial and for exposed or concealed wiring in wet locations
  • Specialized watertight end-seal breakout boot or splitter creates a moisture tight seal within the water body
  • CSA Certified TECK050-3 connector provided to complete the installation into power supply
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Always measure prior to ordering, do not assume or estimate the length required.

- Heat-Line recommends to measure from the power supply located within the building, whether this is a junction box, pump control box, Heat-Line MilliAmp device, etc., to the final resting point of the submersible pump and stand.

- When completing this measure remember that the TECK-90 cable will flow with the elevations of the land and water body bottom, take these changes in elevations, as well as distances into account.

- Once the total distance has been measured Heat-Line recommends to add an additional 20 ft. (6m) to ensure for small difference in measurements during installation and to make the required power connection inside with the supplied TECK050-3 connector.

-When measuring take into account the maximum length allowed of TECK 90 12-3C WIRE is 160 ft. (48.5m) at 115 volts based on a 1/2 HP 115 volt submersible pump, and 650 ft. (198m) at 230 volts based on a 1/2 HP 230 volt submersible pump.

-Extending beyond the maximum lengths and or decreasing the conductor size can cause overloading and premature failure of the submersible pump due to voltage drop.

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  • Certified CSA C22.2 No. 131 and CSA C22.2 No.174 Class 1, Division 1
  • Direct Earth Burial and Wet Location Approved
  • Teck 90, 1000 V, Three Conductor with Ground
  • XLPE Insulation, Inner/ Outer PVC Jacket, Aluminum Interlocking Armour, 194F (90C)
  • Class B Stranded 12 AWG Copper Conductors (Other Conductor Sizes Available by Request)
  • Insulation: Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE)
  • Inner PVC Jacket
  • Class B Uninsulated Stranded Copper Grounding Conductor
  • CSA Certified TECK050-3 Connector
  • RoHS Compliant Moisture-Seal Heat-Shrink 4-Way Breakout Boot
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Part Number: TECK 90 12-3C WIRE

Description: Teck 90, 3 Wire with Ground, 12 AWG, Armoured Jacketed Cable with Watertight Breakout Boot and TECK Connector


Included with TECK 90 12-3C WIRE:

  • Specified length of TECK 90 12-3C WIRE
  • Watertight 4-way breakout boot for wet-location end (factory installed)
  • TECK050-3 Connector for Jacketed Armoured Cable

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Additional Accessories:

MA-10  GFCI/ELCI Electrical Equipment Protection Device


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Q- Do I have to finish the TECK 90 12-3C WIRE end that will be located at the downward submersible pump end?

A – No. Heat-Line completes a watertight seal using a specialized 4-way breakout boot. This moisture resistant seal should not be tampered with or removed in the field as you risk damaging it. An adequate length of the conductors is provided beyond the finished breakout boot to splice with the submersible pump and or other equipment.

Q – Do I have to finish and complete the connection of the TECK 90 12-3C WIRE at the power supply or power termination end?

A – Yes. When ordered, and as recommended by Heat-Line, an additional 20 ft. (6m) of TECK 90 12-3C WIRE should be added to the total length to allow for the power termination end. Provided with the TECK 90 12-3C WIRE is a certified TECK connector to complete the finished power supply end when the final length has been determined on-site and cut to length.

Q - Do I have to bury the TECK-90 cable in conduit or can it be directly buried?

A – No. TECK 90 12-3C cable is approved and certified for direct earth burial as well as wet locations. However, placing your TECK-90 cable within an approved electrical conduit underground will allow it to remain serviceable which may help in the future for servicing and or expansion.

Q – What if the length of TECK-90 cable that I need is greater than the maximum distance allowed for 115 volt or 230 volt applications?

A – As every application is different and the maximum distance allowed can change with different HP submersible pumps it would be best to contact Heat-Line directly for options of greater lengths. A Heat-Line application specialist will be able to discuss your application and make recommendations as to your options.

Q – Does Heat-Line only offer the TECK 90 12-3C wire for submersible pump applications in lakes, rivers, and other water bodies?

A – No. If you feel you have a special or unique application for Teck 90 Wire please contact Heat-Line directly and speak with one of our knowledgeable product specialists.

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