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All Heat-Line products feature self-regulating heating cable (conductive polymer) technology which has the ability to increase heat output with cold but more importantly, decrease heat output with warmth. With this unique technology, every Heat-Line system is designed to prevent over-heating of pipes while maintaining them from freezing efficiently. The main benefit of self-regulating technology is it allows the use of thermal pipe insulation for the first time. Prior to Heat-Line and self-regulating heating cable technology, heat traced water pipe would NEVER have been insulated as they would overheat, melt and intensify the risk of fire. As these pipes were not insulated, a huge amount of heat energy (wattage) was required to heat the pipe to prevent freezing.

A pipe protected with thermal insulation and a Heat-Line electrical heat tracing system needs only a tiny fraction of the heat energy once required. Add a thermostat and the energy required is further reduced to the lowest possible standard. Even in the coldest environments, a Heat-Line electrical heat tracing system combined with insulation and a thermostat will provide the most reliable and energy efficient system available on the market today.

Heat-Line has been the leader in the freeze-protection industry since 1988. This is due to the unique heating cable technology, reliable products, superior customer service and expertise in the field.


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    If you're looking for water pipe freeze protection or water line freeze protection solutions, you've come to the right place. We offer a wide variety of products and solutions for freeze protection for pipes, no matter what the weather conditions are like.Our Retro-Line in pipe heating cable is a great choice for internal freeze protection for pipes. It's easy to install and can be used on a wide variety of water pipes for water line freeze protection. Some applications include but are not limited to lake and river water supply, large drains, and building to building water supply.For even more water line freeze protection, check out our Paladin for Pipe. This heat tape for pipes can be used for efficient freeze protection for pipes, and is suitable for installation on the outside of both metallic and non-metallic pipes.Whatever your needs, we have a water line freeze protection solution that's right for you. Contact us today to learn more about our products and find the perfect solution for your needs!

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