Our History

Heat-Line was founded by inventor and entrepreneur, Lorne Heise in 1988. Lorne is a licensed electrician who in his early business days owned and operated a successful electrical company, Carnarvon Electrical Contracting Ltd., servicing the Haliburton Highlands. During this time Lorne was intrigued by the impact of winter on the lifestyles of those who enjoy the summer days at the family cottage yet close up for the winter season. Lorne applied his time and knowledge into finding a solution which would extend the season and enjoyment of families and help boost the economy for local businesses.

The search for reliable heating technology began and a partial solution was found; self-regulating, conductive-polymer heating cable technology. With the support of Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and constant experimentation and learning; the art of freeze protection was perfected. Ideas and experiments soon became the essential core of Lorne's founding of the company which now leads the way in freeze protection, Heat-Line a Division of Christopher MacLean Limited.

In 2000 Heat-Line took a bold step by opening its assembly plant in a forest setting adjacent to Stanhope Airport, located in the heart of the Haliburton Highlands. The growth of Heat-Line continues and has resulted in expanding the existing location to include a Research and Development facility adjacent to the current location of Heat-Line.

ariel image of the Heat-Line facility