• How To Install a Long Length Retro-Line

    Hello and welcome to the September 2017 Heat-Line Vlog.

    We are right at the beginning of fall which means people are now starting to plan and prep their water lines for the winter ahead. One of our more popular systems this time of year is the in-pipe Retro-Line heating cable.

    Listen to September's video blog and learn directly from two members of Heat-Line's technical team about two of the more common methods of installing long length Retro-Line systems.

    Methods for Installing Long Length Retro-Line Vlog

    Retro-Line is an advanced, self-regulating heating cable system that is used for safe, efficient and reliable internal pipe freeze protection. Retro-Line is designed to provide internal freeze protection for new or existing, water supply pipes and sump pump line systems without the need to excavate. Short length Retro-Line’s can easily be pushed into the pipe by hand while longer systems need to be drawn in with assistance from the opposite end. In this video blog, we are going to outline two common methods used to install a long length Retro-Line.

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