• Paladin for Exposed Pipes in Cold Areas

    Plumbing that is exposed underneath raised homes & cottages and or in non-heated basements and crawlspaces can be a headache when the temperature outside dips below freezing. Frozen pipes not only ruin your weekend at the cottage, but can also create huge repair costs required as a result of water damage resulting from burst pipes. Heat-Line proudly offers the Paladin for Pipe an easy to install, energy efficient, safe and long-lasting heat trace solution to protect these pipes.

    Listen to June's video blog and learn directly from a Heat-Line specialist about how you can protect your exposed piping in cold areas from freezing.

    Prevent Frozen Exposed Pipes in Cold Areas

    The Paladin heat tracing system is supplied as a job-ready, pre-assembled system that is a safe and reliable solution for all metal and plastic pipe types of many sizes.

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