• Ground Fault Protection for Submersible Pumps Installed in Lakes

    Hello and welcome to the April 2018 Heat-Line Vlog.

    If you have a water supply pump located in the lake, spring-time represents a great opportunity to review your current installation for proper ground fault protection prior to the swimming season. 

    Listen to April's video blog and learn directly from the President of Heat-Line about the dangers of submersible lake pumps installed without proper ground fault protection and what you can do about it.

    Ground Fault Protection for Submersible Pumps in Lake

    The danger to human life is real as there have been documented cases of electrical shocks resulting in fatalities in swimming areas in the United States as a result of improperly installed submersible pumps with no ground fault protection. We recommend homeowners verify they are currently protected and if they are unsure as to how to check we encourage you to contact your local electrical professional. For those of you who seek to add the required ground fault protection needed, Heat-Line has designed and is pleased to offer our MilliAmp GFI device.

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