How to Stop Your Town Water Supply from Freezing

by Matt Roberts

A major concern for many northern communities is the issue of frozen lateral service pipes for municipal water. The ability to protect these water services from freezing is a significant challenge in geographies where bedrock and other debris prevent pipes from being buried below the frost line. In an effort to prevent freezing, many residents and townships employ running water service orders, meaning the properties affected must constantly run a small amount of water to keep their supply pipe from freezing. Not only is this wasteful, but it puts great stress on the entire municipal water system. Heat-Line provides a proven, certified, and energy efficient option to prevent this issue and curb the wasteful practice of a running water service order. The solution is known as CARAPACE.

Listen to this month’s video blog and learn directly from a Heat-Line specialist about how simple it can be to have water available year-round, even when natural freeze protection is not possible.

How to Stop Your Town Water Supply from Freezing

How to Stop Your Town Water Supply from Freezing - YouTube

CARAPAC is a high performance freeze protected potable water pipe constructed of virgin high-density polyethylene resins certified for potability, direct earth burial, and free air installations