New Thermostat Upgrade and Features

by Matt Roberts

As a leading innovator in the freeze protection and heat trace industry, we at Heat-Line are proud of our ability to continually adapt to the growing needs of our customers. Providing our customers with solutions that meet their ever-growing freeze protection needs is one of the reasons why Heat-Line continues to gain respect in the heat trace industry.

Recently Heat-Line introduced an upgrade to the GF-STAT thermostat with the release of the new GFA-STAT. The new GFA-STAT provides all the same features as the GF-STAT but with even more benefits. Added benefits include adjustable temperature set points, a new low temperature alarm and the ability to incorporate an RTD sensor. You can learn more about the GFA-STAT by clicking HERE.

Listen to July's video blog and learn directly from a Heat-Line specialist about the new upgraded GFA-STAT and the many new features it has to offer.

New Exciting Thermostat Features

Thermostats are a beneficial optional accessory when incorporated with any Heat-Line freeze protection system. Regardless of the overall system length and or operating voltage, a Heat-Line thermostat will reduce energy costs by decreasing overall energy consumption.