Low Voltage Heat Trace for Heavy Equipment

by Matt Roberts

Heat-Line is proud to offer a low voltage heating cable assembly for the commercial and industrial vehicle markets. Kompensator, as it is known, provides dependable freeze protection for both metallic and non-metallic pipes, tubes and hoses on all types of heavy equipment including mining and farm operating machinery. The Kompensator heating cable assembly provides the operator with piece of mind knowing that they are protected from freezing of critical fluids while eliminating down time which decreases idle time and the costs that go along with it.

When installed specifically in the heavy equipment industry Kompensator systems are capable of maintaining hydraulic oil and other fluid viscosities in cold temperatures, minimizing stress while maximizing winter performance. It has also become an essential product for firefighters, heavy equipment operators, truckers and RV manufactures to provide safe and reliable freeze protection to the vehicles they rely on.

Listen to April's video blog and learn directly from a Heat-Line specialist about how Heat-Line low voltage heating cable assemblies can help protect your heavy euqipment and other commercial/ industrial vehicles. 

Low Voltage Heat Trace for Heavy Equipment

Learn how Heat-Line's Kompensator low voltage heating cable system can help protect your heavy equipment and other automobile applications.