Prevent Frozen Sump Pump Pipes

by Matt Roberts

Happy New Year. Hello and welcome to the January 2018 Heat-Line Vlog.

When a sump pump line is exposed above ground you always have the option to protect the pipe by applying a Heat-Line brand heating cable to the outside of the pipe. This is the most common and cost-effective solution provided by Heat-Line. See our Paladin for Pipe product 

Many sump pump pipes however are shallow buried and still continue to freeze causing water to backup into the building causing thousands of dollars of damage. Luckily, Heat-Line has an in-pipe solution for this application known as Retro-Line. See our Retro-Line product.

Listen to January’s video blog and learn directly from two members of Heat-Line's technical team about options for protecting sump pump lines.

Prevent Frozen Sump Pump Pipes