Heating Cable Controls, Thermostat or Timer

by Matt Roberts

Hello and welcome to the December 2017 Heat-Line Vlog.

When prospective customers first inquire about Heat-Line systems they are surprised to find out that thermostats are NOT required to operate our product, but can be purchased as an additional energy efficiency device. 

Why would Heat-Line systems not require a thermostat?

  1. Heat-Line systems do not require a high limit device to prevent overheating.  All Heat-Line brand self-regulating heating cable systems can safely operate without a thermostat control and without the worry of burning out or melting the pipe, even if the pipe is dry!
  2. Thermostats do not work in every application as the required thermostat sensor cannot always be installed in the correct place. In applications where thermostats cannot be installed Heat-Line products have the unique ability to work solely with timers. So every application needs to be reviewed on a case by case basis to determine the proper control device.

Listen to December's video blog and learn directly from a Heat-Line specialist about the choice of installing a control and whether a timer and or thermostat is a better option.

Heat-Line Controls and Insulation

Heat-Line Controls and Insulation