Can a Retro-Line heating cable system push through a 90 degree elbow?

by Matt Roberts

Welcome to the first Heat-Line video blog of 2017.

For this month’s topic we have decided to answer a frequently asked question that we have received on our Facebook Page.

Question: Can the internal Retro-Line system pass through fittings and 90-degree elbows?

If there are any straight couplers in the pipe the Retro-Line will be able to glide pass and pose no issue with your installation as long as the coupler does not have an internal dimension of less than 3/4 ‘’. If there are any 90 degree fittings in the pipe the heating cable…

Listen to January’s video blog and learn directly from two members of Heat-Line's technical team about how a 90 degree elbow along a length of pipe can affect the installation of a Retro-Line internal heat trace system.

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Heating Cable Systems Q&A "Retro-Line Internal Heat Trace and 90 Degree Elbows"