Can Heat-Line Heating Cable Systems Be Cut on The Job Site September 2016 Vlog

by Matt Roberts

Hello everyone and welcome to Heat-Line’s video blog.

A question that we commonly get at Heat-Line from our customers is “can I cut your heating cable system on the job-site during installation? ’’

The simple answer to this question in a majority of cases is NO, but in some cases depending on the product of choice it can also be yes. I understand that this is not a simple answer, so please listen to the video below and learn directly from a Heat-Line specialist about why Heat-Line systems should not be cut on the job site unless specifically purchased as a cut-to-length product.  

For reference the following Heat-Line products are factory terminated and cannot be cut on the job site during installation:

For reference the following Heat-Line products are designed specifically for the industrial market to be cut-to-length and terminated in the field by trade professionals:

If at any time you have questions and or concerns regarding specialized heat trace systems, factory terminated products and or cut-to-length options please contact Heat-Line directly and speak with one of our technical specialist.

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